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Program 6
Saturday, June 25 @ 8pm

Performances by:

Jody Oberfelder Projects, NY

Alison Cook Beatty Dance, NY

UBIN Dance, South Korea

chagmu center, South Korea

Hyonok Kim Dance Arts, NY

Theatre Mucheon, South Korea

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, NY



  General ticket : $15 

A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

Click HERE to read and download Program Information for Program 6

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Jody Oberfelder Projects photo by.png
Jody Oberfelder Projects photo by.png

Jody Oberfelder Projects

Rube G.

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker. She creates art which aims to illuminate life. Whether stage, film, site or installation, her works expand how one experiences dance. Her works often provide audiences with experiences of intimate engagement whether in a vast space or guiding journeys through theatrical environs, historical habitats, bridges, train stations, or ordinary places. Rube G. is a film created during the pandemic in the summer of 2020.  Oberfelder assembled contributions from over 100 dancers and movers.

Oberfelder is currently developing a series of site inspired pieces called Walking to Present (London) which was performed in April at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London  and in June, a commission from the Brooklyn Public Library Walking to Present (Brooklyn) performed the Center for Brooklyn History and walking into Cadman Plaza. She had been invited to DANCE Munich Festival May 2023 to premiere Walking to Present (Munich) : in addition to an eight-person version of Life Traveler. The commissions are postponed to their next biennial festival in 2023.

Alison Cook Beatty Dance_photo by Paul B Goode (5).jpeg
#2_RAD  Renay Aumiller Dances photo by J


ALISON COOK-BEATTY is the Executive/Artistic Director of Alison Cook Beatty Dance, a modern dance company she founded in 2012. Originally from Milford, Connecticut, and a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee, she has danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Taylor 2. Ms. Cook-Beatty’s choreography has been commissioned by institutions including Columbia Ballet Collaborative, the Steffi Nossen School of Dance, The Joffrey Ballet School, NYU (Music Department), The Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee, Carolina Ballet, Ballet Next, Marymount Manhattan College, and Infinity Dance Theatre. Under her leadership, ACBD has received support from the New York Department of Culture Affairs, Dance NYC, and NYSCA.

Alison Cook Beatty Dance

 © Paul B Goode

UBIN Dance_photo by Kim, Jubin (3).jpg
UBIN Dance_photo by .jpg

UBIN Dance


Founded in 2005 by Korean choreographer Na-Hyun Lee, UBIN Dance has been evaluated as a dance company that presents works which reflect the spirit of the times. Lee has drawn upon her experiences of working in Europe coupled with her Asian sensibilities to create a dance language that is based on her unique understanding of body and dance itself.

With firm base in unique movement language, UBIN Dance is also collaborating with various medium, such as photo, film and installation.

16 focuses on relation shift through relative interaction between dancers rather than absolute and unchanging state for conveying meanings.

© Kim, Jubin

Shining Light (3)(C)Kim Jung Man_edited.jpg
Shining Light (4)(C)Kim Jung Man.jpg

changmu center

Shining Light

Kim Mae-ja, who founded the Changmu Dance Company in 1976, is considered a key figure in Korean creative dance. She is known for her creative works that successfully blended traditional dance with modern touches. In 1992 she founded the Changmu arts center and The Post theater, a uniquely multi-faceted center in Korea, a specific choreographic space publishes " Momm" (the body) Monthly Review, manages the Changmu dance company and programs shows throughout the season.

Many reviews indicated that the dance performances by Kim Mae-ja and the Changmu Dance Company, and, in a wider context, the subdued beauty of the Korean dance, elegance, oriental spirit, and most of all, the universal agreement on the essence of dance itself. 

© Kim Jung Man

Hyonok Kim Dance Arts_photo by Andre D. Kim (2).jpg
Hyonok Kim Dance Arts_photo by Andre D. Kim.jpg

Hyonok Kim Dance Arts

Weeping Water

Hyonok Kim Dance Arts was founded in 1996. The company performed in 24 countries including New York, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo. The company also created films that were awarded and selected at various international Film festivals. Among them, Brooklyn Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Best Experimental Award,  International New York Film Festival Best Experimental, New York Movie Awards Best Experimental, Los Angeles Experimental Film Festival Best Short, Dance on Camera Gold Award, Paris Movie Award, Canada Shorts-Canadian & International Short Film Festival Award, Berlin Film Festival, Cinedans Dance Screen Amsterdam,  Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival Hong Kong, Moving Image Film Festival, Teruel International Video Competition Grand Prix.

The company’s work has been broadcasted by Canal + TV (France), TF1 (France), Kanal 4 (Germany), ABC (Australia), the Shanghai National TV (China), KBS (Korean National TV), SBS (Korea), MBC(Korea), VPRO-TV (Netherlands), and No TV & Movies (USA).

©  Andre D. Kim

Theatre Mucheon_photo by Sang Hoon Ok (7).jpg
Theatre Mucheon_photo by Sang Hoon Ok (5).jpg

Water Station

"In this work, the use of compressed language is supreme...."....................Good Stage, Nov. 2021


"The audience will never forget the reverberation within the condensed time of 80 minutes"......Theatre, Nov. 2021


"Bite-Sized" focuses on an unstable, hysterical state of being. What happens when the world is quiet, yet late night thoughts are running rampant?

Theatre Mucheon

© Sang Hoon Ok

2022 VDDF Poster (1).png
2022 VDDF Poster (1).png


WHITE WAVE Dance photo by Steven Pisano (7).jpg
WHITE WAVE Dance photo by Steven Pisano (10).jpg

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company

"iyouuswe II"

Founded by Korean-born Young Soon Kim in 1988, the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company is dedicated to inspiring audiences through multi-dimensional dance productions reflecting themes and philosophies both modern and timeless. We constantly strive to be a potent stimulus for progress and evolution within the dance/arts world. By producing dance concerts, festivals, and educational activities, WHITE WAVE Dance provides both nascent and seasoned choreographers/companies with an encouraging environment where they can create, collaborate, and present new works in the undisputed capital of world dance, New York City.

 © Steven Pisano


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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@2020 WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company  

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