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Dramatic Dance

Program 2
Saturday, June 29 @ 4pm

Performances by:

▪    Columbia Repertory Dance Company, SC
▪    McKoy Dance Project || MDP, NY
▪    E-Danza, IA
▪    Michiko Kiyofuji, Japan
▪    Gianna Burright, CA 
▪    David P. France Dance Company, Switzerland 
▪    Hoon Dance Company, Korea
▪    TheCo, Mexico


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40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2)_edited_edited.jpg
20) Columbia Repertory Dance Company_Photo by Kevin Kyzer (4).jpg
20) Columbia Repertory Dance Company_Photo by Kevin Kyzer (4).jpg

Columbia Repertory Dance Company


The Columbia Repertory Dance Company pursues its mission in Columbia, SC through mounting multidisciplinary collaborative performances year-round. The company aims to retain the talents of South Carolina dance artists by hiring professional dancers each year to collaborate with both visual and musical artists on the creation of a body of work. The company selects artists and works with an eye towards both challenging and nurturing professional artists and cultivating patronage in Columbia, SC. Columbia Repertory Dance Company works through collaboration with other non-profit and arts organizations to provide a spectrum of professional opportunities while inspiring and developing a broader and deeper understanding of dance in Columbia. “Ache" is a contemporary work in two sections for six dancers. At its most basic, it is about love in all its forms, whether it be romantic love, friendships, or love of family. F. Scott Fitzgerald said "There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice." 
"Ache is the piece that initially drew me to Wilkins’s choreography and convinced me of the beauty of human vulnerability. The physical determination draped over emotional fatigue is exquisite." Bonnie Boiter-Jolley--Managing Director

 © Kevin Kyzer

40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2)_edited.jpg
40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2).jpg

McKoy Dance Project || MDP

Hush (Excerpt)

McKoy Dance Project || MDP is a nonprofit contemporary dance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Led by Founder and Executive Artistic Director Derick McKoy, Jr, the company employs a diverse group of arts leaders and innovators who are passionate about telling realistic stories of our experiences. Since 2019, the company has produced and premiered a feature film and performed around various venues in the NYC metropolitan area. Our commitment to artistic excellence is showcased biannually in the exhilarating "New Visions Concert," where we unveil groundbreaking choreography that tells authentic stories and provides a spotlight for emerging choreographers. McKoy Dance Project is dedicated to generating an impact that transcends the stage, engaging in meaningful conversations through initiatives like MDP Tea Talks, and creating accessible dance education through community workshops. MDP’s mission is to empower people of all backgrounds, especially those who have been historically marginalized and strengthen community relationships and support systems.

©Mariah Gravelin 

40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2)_edited_edited.jpg



Now on Sale
3) E-Danza_Photo by Karen Johnstone.jpg
3) E-Danza_Photo by Karen Johnstone (2).jpg


Mariposa de Papel - Paper Butterfly

E-Danza is a commendable non-profit organization dedicated to fostering inclusivity and expanding access to opportunities for talented individuals across various artistic disciplines. By supporting dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, writers, visual artists, and other creatives, E-Danza aims to cultivate a diverse and equitable global community. Through its initiatives, E-Danza strives to enhance the quality of life for humanity on our planet, recognizing the transformative power of the arts in enriching lives and promoting social cohesion.
"Mariposa de Papel" serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring spirit of women and their capacity to rise above adversity, ultimately spreading their wings and soaring towards freedom and empowerment.

 © Karen Johnstone

24) Michiko Kiyofuji_Photo by Takahiko Sakai (4).jpg
24) Michiko Kiyofuji_Photo by Takahiko Sakai (4).jpg

Michiko Kiyofuji

Something that exists beyond time

At the age of 26, Michiko Kiyofuji quit her job and moved to New York to live as a dancer. After returning to Japan, she performs on big stages and at live houses, galleries, cafes, etc. and dances that give you a sense of the earth. She is a fusion of yoga, fusion with nature, and fusion with Japanese culture. She participated in the 2016 NY Solo Duo Festival, 2016.2017.2019.2023.Dumbo Dance Festival. Participated in 2020 Japan Expo Thailand. She is the owner of Yokosuka Kiyofuji Dance & Yoga Studio. In 2022, with the motto "Everyone is an expressor", even dance beginners can step on stage and take the spotlight as the main character of your life! and presides over the dance unit "EarthRainbow".
Collaboration with Japan's ancient culture and tea ceremony - What remains unchanged across eras and countries

 ©Takahiko Sakai

40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2)_edited_edited.jpg
38) Gianna Burright_Photo by Dean Zatkowsky (2).jpg
38) Gianna Burright_Photo by Dean Zatkowsky (2).jpg

Gianna Burright 

turn it on, turn it off 

Gianna Burright (She/Her) is a Choreographer, Dancer, and Educator, who explores the juxtaposition and nuances of emotional extremes: happiness and sadness, grief and euphoria, rage and mindfulness, nightmares and dreams. A self-proclaimed late bloomer, she is a 2024 Hubbard Street Dance Chicago summer program Create choreographer, 2023 Carmel Dance Festival Choreography Fellow, 2022 Jacob's Pillow Choreography Fellow and 2022 Dance Gallery Festival Choreographer in Residence. Gianna has presented choreographic work in fifteen countries including at iconic venues such as Jacob’s Pillow, The Bonnie Byrd Theater, The Place, Turner Contemporary Gallery, Waterloo East Theatre, STEPS, Opendoors North America, the International Edinburgh Fringe Festival, LA Theatre Center, and LA Dance Project. She has been mentored by some of the most acclaimed figures in the world of dance including Peter Chu, Alex Ketley, Dianne McIntyre and Risa Steinberg. 
Gianna is an educator who works with dancers and movers of all ages and abilities. She aims to create artistic understanding through sensory experiences, articulation & vocabulary (verbally and physically), awareness, pleasure, joy, sadness, happiness, connection, touch, listening and partnering.  Gianna holds a BFA in Dance from UCSB and an MFA in Choreography from Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance.

 © Dean Zatkowsky 

49, 50) David P. France Dance Company_Photo by Garry Platt.jpg
49, 50) David P. France Dance Company_Photo by Garry Platt.jpg


David P. France Dance Company is an emerging multidisciplinary dance company, a stylistic blend of modern, jazz, and ballet - a fusion of visual, musical, and physical dance artistry; a blend of American and European visual styles and urban, ethnic, folk, and classical dance.                                                                                                 The company's first incarnation was from 2009-2014 and was based in Basel, Switzerland.  The second incarnation (the relaunch) began in 2023 and is moving forward with healthy expectations to work in Switzerland and abroad.  The goal, however, remains the same: to create a global network of dance artists to service several international communities through a shared vision of world unity and artistic collaboration.
The pieces presented during the DUMBO Dance Festival 2024 will celebrate this bold attempt to fusion different styles.  The Jazz piece “Get It While You Can” was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.  The second piece, “Through The Portal”, attempts to merge influences of American Rock and Electronica with elements of Spanish Flamenco.

David P. France Dance Company

Photo by © Garry Platt

40) McKoy Dance Project MDP_Photo by Mariah Gravelin (2)_edited_edited.jpg
64) Hoon Dance Company_Photo by Joo Bin Kim (3).jpg
64) Hoon Dance Company_Photo by Joo Bin Kim (2).jpg

Three Women

Hoon Dance Company was founded in 1995 by Tae-Hoon Kim. The dance company based in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province. Hoon Dance Company participated in the 2002 Busan Asian Games, the 2002 World Cup, and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Additionally, the company invited performances overseas, including in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and Thailand Etc. Hoon Dance Company is promoting the revitalization of Korea's art world. The collaboration between creative choreographer and energetic young dancers is contributing to creating an environment where everyone is together.The tendency of Hoon Dance Company's works has been to help the audience find the true meaning of life.
2. Dance Piece Information: 
There are three women. They don't seem to lack anything on the outside. But they have an invisible bond. So lonely.The choreographer choreographs the scenes of women overcoming it. This is not just a story of three women on stage. This is the story of all of us who can overcome any barrier. The dance work expresses the glass ceiling placed on women's lives due to the roles and restrictions imposed on them.

Hoon Dance Company

 ©  Joo Bin Kim

35) TheCo_Photo by Ted De Monterrey Communications Department (4)_edited.jpg
35) TheCo_Photo by Ted De Monterrey Communications Department (2).jpg



TheCo, also known as Tec Dance Company, is based at Tec de Monterrey, one of  Latin America’s most prestigious universities. Initiating in 1980, the company has since  evolved, boasting a high-quality dance program as well as dance scholarship  opportunities. TheCo has participated in various national and international festivals  and forums as well as performing in a successful annual Dance Concert that seats  approximately 6,000 spectators. Many of our alumni have succeeded as professional  performers.  
Manicomio: Welcome to a 19th century asylum, where ignorance on mental health prevails and patients are left to their own devices. Is insanity contagious? Wouldn't anyone confined in such a space end up losing  their minds anyway? 
This piece is a small depiction of what mental hospitals were like before the 20th  century. This is a fragment from our company's perfomance "Dracula", where we visit  Renfield, Dracula's former lawyer who went mad.

© Ted De Monterrey Communications Department


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

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