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Program 2
Saturday, June 24 @ 4pm

Performances by:

Animus Movement, Colorado

TalubaDance, NJ

Zehnder Dance, MA

NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre, NY

Andamio, San Jose

Columbia Repertory Dance Company, SC

Ramona Sekulovic,

Ballet Hartford, CT

University of Arizona School of Dance, AZ


*While wearing a mask is not mandatory, we highly encourage guests to do so while inside the theater. Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, we kindly suggest that you stay at home for the safety and well-being of yourself and others.*

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24) Animus Movement by Scott Allen (2).jpg
24) Animus Movement by Scott Allen (1).jpg

Animus Movement


Animus Movement is a project-based dance company that focuses on providing artists a chance to perform through dance films and other alternative mediums. The company was born out of the cage of the pandemic with the purpose to continue providing opportunities for artists to move freely and share their craft and love of dance to audiences. The company loves to collaborate with their dancers, as well as other choreographers, musicians, visual artists and beyond. In October 2022 the company expanded and now has two locations, one in its original hometown in NYC and another in Denver, Colorado. Receiving several festival invitations, the company has performed at Dixon Place, the KnJ Theater, Triskelion, Mignolo Arts Center, Sam Scripps Studios, Green Space and the TADA Theater in NYC, and at the Dairy Arts Center and the Parsons Theatre in Colorado. In the last two years Animus Movement has created three dance films and co-produced a show at New York Live Arts and two shows at Ballet Arts, City Center NYC. 

 © Scott Allen

16) TalubaDance Chantal Taluba by Steven Pisano (3).JPEG
16) TalubaDance Chantal Taluba by Steven Pisano (4).JPEG



TalubaDance is an explorative dance company led by emerging artist Chantal Taluba, a choreographer and dance educator from New Jersey. Taluba graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with a BFA in dance while double majoring in psychology. Besides being a dance educator, Taluba is a teacher at a disability center for individuals who have autism spectrum disorder and other comorbid disorders. Taluba uses dance to advocate for those with mental/intellectual disabilities, confront stigmas regarding disabilities, and challenge the audience to gain insight into new perspectives. The presented work explores the impulses and control/lack of control of these impulses felt by neurodivergent individuals.

©Steven Pisano



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21) Zehnder Dance Sarah Zehnder By Paul Schnaittacher (2).jpg
23) Zehnder Dance Sarah Zehnder by Paul Schnaittacher (1).jpg

Zehnder Dance  

'Permeating Voices that Linger (excerpt)

Zehnder is a NY & MA-based artist whose work has been produced at Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out, Reverb International Dance Festival, Florence Summer Dance (Florence, Italy), Pasadena Dance Festival, MAD Festival, Midwest RAD Festival, the Women in Dance Project (NYC and Chicago), the Evening of Contemporary Dance Performance Series (NYC), and Buffalo Dance festival. Her work has been presented at Dixon Place, Ailey Citigroup Theatre, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, Gowanus Arts, Triskelion Arts, 92nd Y, Greenspace, and CPR. Zehnder was awarded a Choreographic Fellowship from Mass Cultural Council, and shares her passion for dance as Assistant Professor at Springfield College.

 Permeating Voices that Linger blurs the lines between feminine, masculine, strength, weakness and the social constructs surrounding “power, ”aiming to both represent and challenge what it means to be a woman, showcasing through movement that we are all interconnected, and we are all more than we appear to be

 © Paul Schnaittacher

49) NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre by Martha Wirth (2).jpg
49) NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre by Stan Obert (2).jpg

NU-World Contemporary Dance Theatre

Conversation: Gratitude

NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre is a contemporary dance company whose art intentionally opens pathways for conversations. Through dance theater, we feel that our work addresses the resilience of the human spirit through the stories that come from the experiences and intersectionality of our black, brown, and queer identities in America. Conversation Gratitude is an exploration of music and movement. The artist embodies the musical themes and variations to become a physical manifestation of Ahmad Jamal's jazz score. The work progresses into a conversation between the artist and God. It reminds us that gratitude should exist within us daily and that life is to be enjoyed, living with an open heart. 

 ©Martha Wirth

55) Andamio by Jose Pablo Gracía Montero (2).jpg
55) Andamio by Jose Pablo Gracía Montero (3).jpg



Melania Fernández, (MA in Dance Education NYU) director of Andamio Escuela de Movimiento, together with three of Andamio’s young and promising dancers Isabella Carabaguiaz, Lucy Eduarte and Juliana Herrera partnered with the writer/architect Diego van der Laat (Architectural Association 2006), to create W.


Set in a fictional Massachusetts, in 1692, the fervor of witch hunt drives men to the sea in search of mermaids. Dancers use flow and sharp movements to create contrast. Partnering establishes connection, protection and strength between them. Women's sensuality, strength and power are key roles in this narrative. 

 © Gracía Montero

11) Columbia Repertory Dance Company Stephanie Wilkins (4).jpeg
11) Columbia Repertory Dance Company Stephanie Wilkins (4).jpeg


The Columbia Repertory Dance Company pursues its mission in Columbia, SC through mounting multidisciplinary collaborative performances year-round. The company aims to retain the talents of South Carolina dance artists by hiring professional dancers each year to collaborate with both visual and musical artists on the creation of a body of work. The company selects artists and works with an eye towards both challenging and nurturing professional artists and cultivating patronage in Columbia, SC. Columbia Repertory Dance Company works throughcollaboration with other non-profit and arts organizations to provide a spectrum of professional opportunities while inspiring and developing a broader and deeper understanding of dance in Columbia. Forgiveness, is an emotional contemporary dance for 6 dancers that explores forgiveness in all of its forms and meanings to each of us in different ways. Whether it be forgiveness of oneself or another, or forgiveness of fate, God, or the world, we examine the emotional and physical journey a person goes on to achieve acceptance.

Columbia Repertory Dance Company 

Photo by © Stephanie Wilkins

9) Ramona Sekulovic by Dusan Sekulovic (2).jpeg
9) Ramona Sekulovic by Dusan Sekulovic (2).jpeg

Brooklyn Waltz

Ramona Sekulovic is a US/German choreographer based in Berlin, Germany. Trained as a dancer and visual anthropologist, she currently strives to incorporate the experience and perception of her own body as well as its individual physical aesthetics into choreographic practice. Her site-specific productions Asphaltwalzer and WaterWaltz premiered recently in Berlin and were funded by the National Performance Net and Draussenstadt - Call for Action. In the past she was presented by Gibney, Dixon Place, Green Space, Movement Research at Judson Church, and the SoloDuo Festival among others in New York, and by the Austin Dance Festival and the Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival nationally. Asphaltwalzer will be part of this year’s Dumbo Dance Festival and performed by Ann Francis Ang (US), Alexandre May (France), and Magdalena Negowska (Poland).

Ramona Sekulovic

 ©  Dusan Sekulovic 

5) Ballet Hartford Leyna Doran by Ian Christmann (3).jpg
5) Ballet Hartford Leyna Doran by Ian Christmann (2).jpg

Ballet Hartford 

Heaven Full of Stars

David Appel has choreographed and performed work throughout North America, Europe, and in Mexico since 1973. His pieces are driven and enlivened by improvisation, as he explores the connection between codified dance languages and aspects of the movement of our everyday lives. His interest with groups is in how we find new ways to move together, individually and collectively wielding our skills and imaginations to create vibrantly danced conversations. “thank u for your support” (2019) was the latest manifestation of this activity: it sprang from an initial investigation into the idea of an “assisted” solo, as well as the reciprocal influences/interactions between and around us. []

© SIan Christmann

26) University of Arizona School of Dance by Ed Flores (1).jpg
26) University of Arizona School of Dance by Ed Flores (2).jpg

University of Arizona School of Dance


Tamara Dyke Compton is the Associate Director of University of Arizona School of Dance as well as an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies. She teaches jazz, modern, choreography and team teach dance history and teaching methods. She holds an MFA from UA School of Dance, and a BFA from The Juilliard School. Tamara has performed principal roles in Twyla Tharp’s “Movin’ Out,” “Fame: The Musical,” and a founding member of Aszure Barton and Artists. She is also the co- Director of Dance with her husband Christopher Compton, at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she has been on faculty since 2010.

© Ed Flores


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

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