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Program 2
Friday, June 24 @ 9pm

Performances by:

EloyDanza, IA

Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, NY

Elise Knudson, NY

Meg Kirchhoff, NY

Metanoia Dance, NY

Devin Richey, NY

CrossMove Lab, NY

David Appel, NY

   General ticket : $15

A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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EloyDanza_photo by Eloy Barragán (2).jpg
EloyDanza_photo by Eloy Barragán (4).jpg


Entre Las Grietax/ Between the Cracks

Eloy teaches ballet technique, choreography, partnering, and screen-dance and is from Mexicó City. Received a choreographers’ fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Boise Arts Council, as well as a Lifetime Career Fellowship by the Idaho Commission of the Arts. This year he received an Artist Project Grant from Iowa Arts Council. His choreography has been presented at the Bolshoi Theatre, Finnish National Opera House, Conservatoire de Paris – Cité de la Musique, Alvin Ailey Studios Citigroup Theater, DiCapo Opera Theater NYC, Teatro Nacional de Panamá, Ballet Real de Costa Rica. His films have been invited to festivals in Mexico, USA, Stockholm, and Cuba. Eloy trained at La Escuela Nacional de Danza in Mexicó, Royal Academy of Dance UK, Boston Ballet, and the Joffrey Ballet in New York.  He performed with Joffrey II, Washington Ballet, Compañía Nacional de Danza Mexicó, Ballet Royal de Wallonie, Mainz Stattheater, Hagen Stattheater, Ballet de Monterey, Eugene Ballet, and Ballet Idaho. He is also the Director/Founder of the International ScreenDance Festival, Co-Director of the Iowa Dance Festival.  

 © Eloy Barragán

Anabella Lenzu DanceDrama_ photo by Todd Carroll (2).jpg
Anabella Lenzu DanceDrama_ photo by Todd Carroll (4).jpg

Anabella Lenzu/ DanceDrama

"Out of the Folds of Women"

Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer, writer and teacher with over 30 years of experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy, and the USA. Lenzu directs her own company, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, which since 2006 has presented 390 performances, created 14 choreographic works and performed at 100 venues, presenting thought provoking and historically conscious dance-theater in NYC. As a choreographer, she has produced and directed several award-winning short dance films and screened her work in over 80 festivals both nationally and internationally, including London, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Greece, Serbia, India, Indonesia, Cyprus, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia & Brazil.

© Todd Carroll



Now on Sale
16_Elise Knudson photo by Julie Lemberger.jpg
16_Elise Knudson photo by 王也.jpg

Elise Kundson 

A Change of Mind Redux

ELISE KNUDSON ( is a New York City based dance artist who is currently interested in developing fluidity between instantaneous and premeditated choreography. When she choreographed A Change of Mind in 1999 it was a study in the contrasting shape and flow. This 2022 duet redux with Sienna Blaw is a study in communicating across time.


#56_Meg Kirchhoff photo by Meg Kirchhoff.jpg
#56_Meg Kirchhoff photo by Meg Kirchhoff 4.jpg

Meg Kirchhoff

Fleeting and Unfolding 

Meg Kirchhoff is a third year MFA candidate at the State University of New York at Buffalo. As a dance artist, choreographer, and educator, her work is rooted in creative collaborative praxis as research. Meg’s live performances and screen-dances have been presented at conferences and festivals across the United States. In 2021, she was the first dance artist in residence at Homestead National Park and the recipient of a New York Humanities Grant. Filmed on the shores of Lake Eerie, Fleeting and Unfolding is an atmospheric work explores the tactile and sensory relationships between bodies (both human and nonhuman). Using improvisational structures, guiding imagery and a foundational attention to breath as a connecting force, the dancers explore their relationship to site. Fleeting and Unfolding encourages viewers to slow down, and experience the textures, patterns, and inherent movement of a Lake Eerie

 © Jacob Hiss

4Metanoia Dance_ photo by Walker Ucherek (4).jpg
Metanoia Dance_ photo by Rachel Lee  (3)_edited.jpg

Metanoia Dance

Back to Friends 

Metanoia Dance is a New York City based company founded by Jenifer Dillow in 2021.  Metanoia (meh-ta-noy-ah) is Greek for “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, or way of life” and is usually connected to a spiritual moment.  Metanoia’s mission is to turn the tide through movement.  The company’s values are community, authenticity, and faith with a desire to bring freedom to dancers individually and the dance community at large. Metanoia's latest work Back to Friends probes the question of "how strong are your boundaries with those who say they love you?" Metanoia is thrilled to present Back to Friends in the 2022 Dumbo Dance Festival! 

 © Walker Ucherek

Devin Richey_photo by Nate Reed (2).jpg
Devin Richey_photo by Nate Reed (5).jpg


Devin Richey’s work as choreographer and performer span concert, commercial, film, and stage; utilizing a multi-style approach to narrative storytelling. Currently: Assistant Choreographer on @abeautifulnoisemusical. Represented by Bloc NYC. IG: @devrichey 


"Our bodies allow us to experience life as a series of frames. Frameshift, as a video, is a single moment (frame) within the mind, the smallest unit of consciousness one can experience. This frame displays the transition between doubt and assuredness – The state between static and flow – The kindling of action – The spark of movement." Director: Nate Reed, Music/Concept: Stephen Boursalian (mocap), Video Synthesis: Arturo Brisindi (@hardscience).

Devin Richey 

Photo by © Nate Reed


The silent voice 

Guanglei Hui from China, and before he established my own company Cross Move lab, he have been trying hard in the last twenty years to become an independent artist, choreographer and dancer. He studied at The Bishkek of arts named B. beishenalieva from 2001 to 2003, earned a degree in Choreography/Russian Classical Ballet Performance with Education. During study, he competed in Bishkek International Dance Competition and won a second place.In 2005, he joined Guangdong Modern Dance Company, the first ever modern dance company in China. In 2008, as part of GMDC member, he performed in an anniversary celebration of  Pina Bausch Dance Company in Germany; in 2011, he worked as an invited choreographer in Yokohama Dance Collection; in 2012, he was invited by the International Choreographers Residency Program (ICR) participating in the American Dance Festival.  In 2013, he joined White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company;  in 2014, he began working with Shen Wei Dance Arts; in 2016, he was invited to Taipei Dance Round Table Project to work on a new original piece. In 2017, he began teaching in the Queens College. In 2018, he received Artist Commissioning Program Grants from Queens Council on the Arts and started teaching in Peridance Capezio Center. He has toured in more than twenty countries, participating in international arts festivals, he is also a co-founder of Touch Contact Improvisation in China.

CrossMove Lab 


David Appel photo by Stephanie Crousillat (2).jpg
David Appel photo by Stephanie Crousillat (2).jpg

David Appel 

thank u for your support (excerpt)

David Appel has choreographed and performed work throughout North America, Europe, and in Mexico since 1973. His pieces are driven and enlivened by improvisation, as he explores the connection between codified dance languages and aspects of the movement of our everyday lives. His interest with groups is in how we find new ways to move together, individually and collectively wielding our skills and imaginations to create vibrantly danced conversations. “thank u for your support” (2019) was the latest manifestation of this activity: it sprang from an initial investigation into the idea of an “assisted” solo, as well as the reciprocal influences/interactions between and around us. []

© Stephanie Crousillat


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