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Sunday, June 25 @ 6pm

Performances by:

Julia Ramirez + dancers, NJ

American Swiss Ballet Company, NY

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, NY

RyderDance, NY

Alfonse Napolitano, NJ

Alison Cook Beatty Dance, NY

The DynamitExperience, NY

Tec Dance Company, NL





While wearing a mask is not mandatory, we highly encourage guests to do so while inside the theater. Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, we kindly suggest that you stay at home for the safety and well-being of yourself and others.*

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3) Julia Ramirez + dancers (5).jpg
3) Julia Ramirez + dancers by Michael Pilla (1).jpeg

Julia Ramirez + dancers 

Entre Las Grietax/ Between the Cracks

Julia Ramirez is an emerging artist currently based in New Brunswick, NJ. She is a candidate for a Master’s degree (Ed.M.) in Dance Education at Rutgers University. Julia graduated in the spring of 2022 with her BFA in Dance Performance and was awarded the Margery J. Turner Choreography Award for a work of exceptional undergraduate student group choreography.  

She was in residency at Mark Morris Dance Center through Shared Space and presented her newest work, Kinematic Indeterminacy in February 2023. Kinematic Indeterminacy is a work diving into the process of answering questions that have no definite resolution. Why is the sky blue? What is my role in this lifetime? Why does time seem to move at different speeds? While some questions are better left unanswered, the process of accepting these questions shifts as our perspective grows with age and understanding of the world around us.

 © Michael Pilla

17_ObremskiWorks photo by ©Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster 3_SS.jpg
ObremskiWorks photo by Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster (2).jpg


Jesse Obremski (he/him), a native New Yorker, Japanese-American, graduated from LaGuardia High School and The Juilliard School with additional development at The School at Jacob’s Pillow with multiple years at The Ailey School, Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts, and Springboard Danse Montréal.

Obremski has his award-winning choreography presented nationally and internationally. Obremski is the Founder and Artistic Director of Obremski/Works, which notably had its debut at Lincoln Center through The Dance Films Associations presented by HBO. Obremski also has had his work performed by Gibney Company, BYU Contemporary Dance Theater, Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance, MOVE|NYC|, Sacred Heart University, and various others, and in the United States, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Prague. Obremski served on the Executive Committee of the Junior Committee for Dance/NYC (2021-2022) and, after four years of being on the Board, now serves as Associate Executive Director of Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance.


© Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster

32) American Swiss Ballet Company by Eric Bandiero (5).jpeg
32) American Swiss Ballet Company by Eric Bandiero (5).jpeg

American Swiss Ballet Company


The American Swiss Ballet Co. founded as a youth company in Switzerland, became ASB Company in NYC 2015. Our own studio in the heart of Manhattan, in a building designed by the famous architect Emery Roth; the building incorporates Beaux-Arts Deco details, and is a great inspiration for our dancers. We have a diversity of choreographers and teachers who specialize in various styles of dance, from contemporary to classical. The company has participated in numerous dance festivals in the US, and we are a springboard for the careers of our dancers. Our goal is to help give young dancers a strong foundation in technique and as much experience on the stage as possible, essential assets for a professional career. 

We strongly encourage and guide our company members internationally in the world of dance, and ASBCompany travels every year to Europe maintaining our cultural exchange, very important for our ASBCOMPANY. 

© Eric Bandiero 

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company by Steven Pisano  (4).jpg
WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company by Steven Pisano  (1).jpg

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company 

"iyouuswe II"

Founded by Korean-born Young Soon Kim in 1988, the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company is dedicated to inspiring audiences through multi-dimensional dance productions reflecting themes and philosophies both modern and timeless. We constantly strive to be a potent stimulus for progress and evolution within the dance/arts world. By producing dance concerts, festivals, and educational activities, WHITE WAVE Dance provides both nascent and seasoned choreographers/companies with an encouraging environment where they can create, collaborate, and present new works in the undisputed capital of world dance, New York City.

© Steven Pisano

62) RyderDance Jordan Ryder & Philip Strom.JPG
62) RyderDance Jordan Ryder & Philip Strom.JPG


The Wally

Jordan Ryder (she/her) is a NYC-based choreographer and dancer. She attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she graduated with a BFA in Dance and a double minor in Sociology and Entertainment Business. Jordan formed her collective, RyderDance, in 2018 where her work has since been presented at 15+ venues across the tri-state area, Chicago, Atlanta, and has reached a global audience virtually. Choreographic commissions include Eryc Taylor Dance Company, NYU Tisch Dance, Rogue Wave Dance | Fall for Fall Dance Festival, Melange Dance Company, and One Day Dance. As a dancer, Jordan has danced in original works by Crystal Pite, Yoshito Sakuraba | Abarukas Dance, Guanglei Hui | Cross Move Dance Lab, Pamela Pietro, James Martin, and has performed repertory by Paul Taylor. Additional campaigns and performances include Marc Jacob's Fall Collection 2021, John Ashford Shoes, and Sotheby's Auction House. As an educator, Jordan teaches at Peridance Center as well as hosts her own classes through RyderDance.

Photo by Jordan Ryder & Philip Strom

42) Alfonse Napolitano by John Michael (3)_edited.jpg
42) Alfonse Napolitano by John Michael (3)_edited.jpg

Alfonse Napolitano 


Alfonse Napolitano, native of Parsippany, New Jersey, graduated from Montclair State University, receiving his degree in Dance Education (2021), as well as Dance Performance (2020). He has performed in works by Martha Graham, Shapiro & Smith, Camille A. Brown, Joshua Manculich, Sara Hook, and many more. He has performed throughout NJ, NY, TX, and NC; as well has the high seas in Europe and the Greek Isles. Recently, he was a dancer with Norwegian Cruise Lines where he worked with Tony-nominated choreographer Lynne-Taylor Corbet. During his time with NCL, Alfonse created notion; a piece that explores the physicalized movements of one's thoughts in the concrete world. Through gesture manipulation, the dancer literally pulls his thoughts from his brain and orchestrates them in space. Supported by the driving music of Michael Wall, these thoughts soon influence the dancer as he is overcome by the ideas, beliefs, and perception that lives inside.

©  John Michael

Alison Cook Beatty Dance_photo by Paul B Goode (6).jpeg
Alison Cook Beatty Dance_photo by Paul B Goode (5).jpeg

Alison Cook Beatty Dance 


Alison Cook-Beatty attended the Boston Conservatory of Music, where she earned a BFA in Dance and was awarded the Ruth Sandholm Ambrose Scholarship Award. She moved to NYC and danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Taylor 2, among other dance companies. In 2012, Ms. Cook-Beatty founded ALISON COOK BEATTY DANCE. She has been recently commissioned by The Ailey School and to choreograph the musical GREASE in Madison, CT by Vista Life Innovations. Under her direction, the Company has grown into an artistically reputable and productive 501(c)(3) nonprofit dance company with local impact and international esteem. ACBD is honored to present TO BE FALLEN FOR at the 2023 Dumbo Dance Festival. The piece was inspired by Korean visual artist Posoon Park Sung’s self painting of herself while battling breast cancer. In 2013, composer Dr. Young Mi Ha wrote an original musical score based on her painting and asked Alison to choreograph to it. This piece is dedicated to Posoon Park Sung who lost her battle to breast cancer that year, and all women who fight this battle daily.


65) The DynamitExperience by Amanda Tipton (1).JPG
65) The DynamitExperience by Amanda Tipton (1).JPG

The DynamitExperience

In lieu of the Option is What? (excerpt)

The DynamitExperience (TDE) founded in 2019 by Winston Dynamite Brown and Latra Wilson is a Contemporary Dance Company serving as a platform for creative investigations and community engagement.  The company of dedicated Artists has recently appeared in performances at Manhattan Movement Arts Center, The Dairy Arts Center, DanceWave, BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange), Dixon Place, Bryant Park Picnic Performances, Jamaica Dance Festival/CitiPark, and ThPAC at the Mark O'Donnell Theater. Dynamite's choreography has recently appeared at the YAGP and Ailey/Fordham BFA concerts, with new commissions premiering in Spring 2023 through FlightPath Dance Project, JACK, Dance Institute of Washington, and Voices and Visions of Ailey. The DynamitExperience has been offering community classes throughout NYC since 2019. This work premieres in its entirety in July, 2023.

Amanda Tipton

52) Tec Dance Company Marcela Salazar (8).jpg
52) Tec Dance Company Marcela Salazar (7).jpg

Tec Dance Company


Tec Dance Company is based at Tec de Monterrey, one of Latin America’s most prestigious institutions. Initiating in 1980, the company has since evolved, now boasting a high quality dance program as well as dance scholarship opportunities. Many of our alumni have succeeded as professional performers. “Slaves of Fear” explores how fear moves us and how it can take over our lives. Fear is a good tool for survival, but it also has the ability to freeze and prevent us from moving forward, it can be contagious and claustrophobic. “In-dwell” touches upon the unbreakable female spirit, the strength it takes to be woman and how a woman can exist or reside as an inner activating spirit or force in oneself and others.

 © Marcela Salazar


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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