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Program 4
Saturday, June 25 @ 4pm

Performances by:

East by North Dance, NY

Cristina Ruberto, Italy

Barkin/Selissen Project, NY

Jody Oberfelder Projects, NY

Limón2, NY

Laurie DeVito and Dancers, NY

Devin Richey, NY

CrossMove Labm NY


General ticket : $15

A private Vimeo link will be forwarded to you 1/2 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

Click HERE to read and download Program Information for Program 4

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East by North Dance_photo by Robert Whitman (3) (Cropped).jpg
East by North Dance_photo by Robert Whitman (2) (cropped)_edited.jpg

East by North Dance 

2:13 AM

Sarah and Jon have been performing professionally for over 17 years. They have performed in 15 different countries across 5 continents. East By North has performed at White Wave's Solo duo festival, Amelia Island Dance Festival, T2 Versatility Dance Festival. 2:13 AM is a collaboration with photographer Robert Whitman creating the mood of an improvised art installation.

 © Robert Whitman 

Cristina Ruberto_photo by Daniele Chatrian (4).jpg
Cristina Ruberto_photo by Daniele Chatrian (5).jpg

Cristina Ruberto

P.O.E.M.S. - A true story

Based in Italy, the Poems Collective is not a company, but a group of friends, colleagues, professionals who come together, in 2021, to talk about a rare disease. The primary purpose is to raise awareness of this almost unknown problem and to encourage research. The choreographer Cristina Ruberto, the video designer Daniele Chatrian, the dancer Sara Ugorese tell about the Poems Syndrome by launching a fundamental message: everything can become Art, Art must not stop even in the darkest moments, it is a fundamental part of the human being, Art is a channel of supreme knowledge, of outburst, of denunciation. The “P.O.E.M.S. - A true story " won, in February 2022, the Honorable Mention at LIMFF (London International Monthly Film Festival) and is the first work of this collective

© Daniele Chatrian



Now on Sale
Barkin Selissen Project_photo by Hannah Jan.jpg
Barkin Selissen Project_photo by Cuong Huy Nguyen (2).jpg

Barkin/Selissen Project

The word-light 

Barkin/Selissen Project, founded in 2009, combines nuance and explosive athleticism with choreography for live performance and film, that infuses fresh perspective on the complexities of human nature and mathematics alike.  BSP has been presented at Jacob’s Pillow, 92Y, Bryant Park, National Math Festival, Boston’s Dance Complex, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, UferStudios-Berlin, the Edinburgh Fringe and others.  Partnerships include Sally Taylor-ConSenses-Reggie Watts, Hartford Performs, Limón Professional Studies, SUNY Brockport and more.  BSP receives funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, LMCC-DCLA, and Dance/NYC among others, and has been recognized by The Bessies, and OvationTV who aired a national PSA on BSP’s behalf.

 © Hannah Jan

Limón2_photo by
Limón2_photo by


The Unsung

Celebrating its exciting inaugural season, Limón2 was created with the Institute’s most talented dancers, who now enjoy an emerging career dancing classic and contemporary works and advancing community engagement through the Limón approach as its newest ambassadors. Limón2 has had the opportunity to work with Antonio Brown, Gregory Dolbashian, Ashley Lindsey, master Reconstructor & Program Director, Kathryn Alter, Associate Artistic Director Logan Kruger, and Artistic Director, Dante Puleio. The Unsung (1970) is an homage to the indigenous people of North America. Solos come to life through the powerful movements, peaceful silence, and beautiful connectivity to each other, history and land. These solos were filmed to highlight the vast landscapes of different parts of the world, and to pay homage to the rich heritage of those lands. 


Jody Oberfelder Projects photo by.png
Jody Oberfelder Projects photo by.png

Jody Oberfelder Projects

Rube G.

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker. She creates art which aims to illuminate life. Whether stage, film, site or installation, her works expand how one experiences dance. Her works often provide audiences with experiences of intimate engagement whether in a vast space or guiding journeys through theatrical environs, historical habitats, bridges, train stations, or ordinary places. Rube G. is a film created during the pandemic in the summer of 2020.  Oberfelder assembled contributions from over 100 dancers and movers.

Oberfelder is currently developing a series of site inspired pieces called Walking to Present (London) which was performed in April at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London  and in June, a commission from the Brooklyn Public Library Walking to Present (Brooklyn) performed the Center for Brooklyn History and walking into Cadman Plaza. She had been invited to DANCE Munich Festival May 2023 to premiere Walking to Present (Munich) : in addition to an eight-person version of Life Traveler. The commissions are postponed to their next biennial festival in 2023.

 © Hannah Jan

Floating in the Sea
Sea Salt

Surrender to Moving Forward  (Section A)

Laurie DeVito & Dancers - founded in 1986. The pieces are autobiographical on some level and inspired by musical compositions which evoke emotions that evolve in corresponding images and shapes. “Surrender to Moving Forward” explores pulling oneself out of the abyss of profound grief due to loss of a loved one and taking the initial steps of moving forward in one’s life. “Looking Down Into Time” is based on the writings of an ancient Egyptian scholar. It explores thinking of time as a deep still pool rather than a fast flowing river. Where different sights and sound and voice and dreams were held in this deep pool where nothing was ever lost. The company has performed throughout NYC and major cities across the U.S.

Laurie DeVito and Dancers


Devin Richey_photo by Nate Reed (2).jpg
Devin Richey_photo by Nate Reed (5).jpg


Devin Richey’s work as choreographer and performer span concert, commercial, film, and stage; utilizing a multi-style approach to narrative storytelling. Currently: Assistant Choreographer on @abeautifulnoisemusical. Represented by Bloc NYC. IG: @devrichey 


"Our bodies allow us to experience life as a series of frames. Frameshift, as a video, is a single moment (frame) within the mind, the smallest unit of consciousness one can experience. This frame displays the transition between doubt and assuredness – The state between static and flow – The kindling of action – The spark of movement." Director: Nate Reed, Music/Concept: Stephen Boursalian (mocap), Video Synthesis: Arturo Brisindi (@hardscience).

Devin Richey 

Photo by © Nate Reed


The silent voice 

Guanglei Hui from China, and before he established my own company Cross Move lab, he have been trying hard in the last twenty years to become an independent artist, choreographer and dancer. He studied at The Bishkek of arts named B. beishenalieva from 2001 to 2003, earned a degree in Choreography/Russian Classical Ballet Performance with Education. During study, he competed in Bishkek International Dance Competition and won a second place.In 2005, he joined Guangdong Modern Dance Company, the first ever modern dance company in China. In 2008, as part of GMDC member, he performed in an anniversary celebration of  Pina Bausch Dance Company in Germany; in 2011, he worked as an invited choreographer in Yokohama Dance Collection; in 2012, he was invited by the International Choreographers Residency Program (ICR) participating in the American Dance Festival.  In 2013, he joined White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company;  in 2014, he began working with Shen Wei Dance Arts; in 2016, he was invited to Taipei Dance Round Table Project to work on a new original piece. In 2017, he began teaching in the Queens College. In 2018, he received Artist Commissioning Program Grants from Queens Council on the Arts and started teaching in Peridance Capezio Center. He has toured in more than twenty countries, participating in international arts festivals, he is also a co-founder of Touch Contact Improvisation in China.

CrossMove Lab 



150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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