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Program 4
Sunday, June 30 @ 4pm

Performances by

▪    Emilio Castellón Dance Company, CA
▪    Synergy Dance Collective, NY
▪    ArtLab J, MI
▪    Ramona Sekulovic, Germany
▪    American Swiss Ballet Co, NY
▪    East by North Dance Theatre, NY
▪    Natalia Sanchez, NY



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46) Emilio Castellón Dance Company_Photo by Skye Schmidt (2).jpg
46) Emilio Castellón Dance Company_Photo by Skye Schmidt (4).jpg

Emilio Castellón Dance Company

Was it all just…

Emilio Castellón began dancing at the age of ten at his local community center Stanton, California. Emilio has danced professionally with Resurrection Mexican Folk and Pacifico Dance Company. His journey in dance has afforded him the opportunity to perform in theaters like ASU Gammage, The Alex Theatre, San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, The Ford and The Music Center. Emilio holds his AA in Dance and Certificate in Dance Teaching from Fullerton College. In spring of 2024 Emilio received his BA in Dance from California State University of Fullerton. The piece being performed today was first presented at CSUF 2023 Fall Dance Theater concert “In Tandem '' and was accepted into the Southern California Dance Festival. Emilio is currently a Cast Member in Entertainment at the Walt Disney Company in Anaheim, California. 
Press Quote: This piece encapsulates the anxiety that comes with finding a good and healthy relationship. Emilio pulled inspiration from his own experiences within the gay community.

 © Skye Schmidt 

48) BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY_Photo by Effy Grey (4).jpg
48) BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY_Photo by Effy Grey (3).jpg



Shaina and Bryan Baira (2023 Bessie Nominees for Outstanding Breakout Choreographer) are life partners and founders of BAIRA MVMNT PHLOSPHY, a dance-theatre company based between NYC and Detroit. The two share their work through live performance, immersive-360° films and movement training/pedagogy. Shaina is a Certified Movement Analyst (LIMS®) and studied religion and philosophy at the All Faiths Seminary International where she began developing MVMNT PHLOSPHY; a synthesis of movement research, spirituality and philosophical inquiry. Bryan is a musician and a Licensed Massage Therapist and he has worked with companies including Nicholas Leichter Dance, Brian Brooks Moving Company, David Dorfman Dance and Third Rail Projects. TORUS is a performance-meditation on the balance of inner and outer, of past and present; and will be performed by company member Eric Blovits.

© Effy Grey



Now on Sale
55) Synergy Dance Collective NY_photo by Eric Bandiero_edited_edited.jpg
55) Synergy Dance Collective NY_photo by Eric Bandiero_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Synergy Dance Collective 

Synergy Dance Collective NY is a project-based dance company created as a platform to foster collaborative multidisciplinary dance/arts works for the concert stage, site-specific locations and film. Its core members began dancing together in 2016 led by Artistic Director Nancy Brier (M.A., B.F.A., C.M.A., Professeur Agrégé—honorary—French Ministry of Culture, Paris), an Arizona-born, NY-based choreographer, educator, filmmaker and Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement
Analyst. Nancy’w works have been presented in NYC, LA, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, France, Czech Republic, Italy and on MetroArts13/MetroStories television networks. She was recently awarded NYSCA’s 2022 NYS Choreographers’ Initiative Grant, 2022 Individual Artist Restart NY Regrant and 2023/2024 Statewide Community Regrants.
Now Complete (2021) is a deeply personal piece that explores filling a void—a sense of unfulfillment and emptiness in a relationship—and coming to terms with what is truly missing, ultimately discovering comfort, compassion and the feeling of “home” in the deep bonds of trust and love.

 © Eric Bandiero

Now Complete (2021)

62) Ramona Sekulovic_Photo by Ellen Crane (4).jpg
62) Ramona Sekulovic_Photo by Ellen Crane (4).jpg

Ramona Sekulovic

Ramona Sekulovic is a US/German choreographer based in Berlin, Germany. Trained as a dancer and visual anthropologist, she currently strives to incorporate the experience and perception of her own body as well as its individual physical aesthetics into choreographic practice. She was recently funded by the National Performance Net, Draussenstadt - Call for Action, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, and the Fonds Darstellende Künste in Berlin. In NY she was presented by Gibney, Dixon Place, Green Space, Movement Research at Judson Church, and the Dumbo Dance Festival among others, and by the Austin Dance Festival and the Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival nationally. She will be part of this year’s Dumbo Dance Festival with her solo Untitled No 6 based on Philip Glass’ Piano Etude No 8. The solo exposes different ways of turning through movement explorations to search where center lies and what turning can mean.

© Ellen Crane

Untitled No 6

67) ArtLab J_Photo By John Sobczak.png
67) ArtLab J_Photo By John Sobczak (2).png

ArtLab J

Breathing Land(Excerpts)

ArtLab J I is a professional dance company comprised of advanced, technical dancers who perform throughout Metro Detroit. At its core, ArtLab J investigates humanity's underlying nature through honest observations and natural reactions, resulting in creative movement and performance. Through dance and culture, we seek individual variety, promote personal and collective progress, and endeavor to uncover the positive aspects of our society's behavior and emotions.
“Breathing Lands" is a narrative deeply rooted in the relationship between nature and humanity, exploring their interconnectedness and symbiotic bond. It serves as a metaphor for the interwoven existence of human life and the natural world, reflecting themes of harmony, balance, and the impact of human actions on the environment. This piece prompts reflection on our responsibility to protect and nurture the lands we inhabit, emphasizing the need for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

© John Sobczak

56) American Swiss Ballet Co_Photo by Simon Ripert (4).jpg
56) American Swiss Ballet Co_Photo by Simon Ripert (4).jpg


The American Swiss Ballet Co., initially founded as a youth company in Switzerland, expanded to New York City in 2015 as ASB Company NYC. Headquartered in Manhattan, our studio resides in a building designed by architect Emery Roth, offering inspiration with its Beaux-Arts Deco details. With a diverse team of choreographers and teachers specializing in contemporary to classical styles, we provide a comprehensive dance education. ASB has participated in numerous dance festivals across the United States, France, Italy, and Switzerland, nurturing the careers of our talented dancers. Our mission is to equip young dancers with strong technique and ample stage experience, fostering a successful professional career. We passionately support our members on an international journey through dance, promoting a fantastic cultural exchange.

American Swiss Ballet Co.

 © Simon Ripert

Untitled No 6

60) East by North Dance Theatre_Photo by Robert Whitman (2).jpg
48_East by North Dance Theatre photo by EBNDT_Robert Whitman_ (2).jpg

In This Light 

East by North Dance Theatre- born out of a love for pure movement, East by North Dance Theatre was formed under the idea that simple or compounding thought can be expressed through vivid movement. Founded and directed by Sarah Nachbauer and Jon Eden, East by North represents the unrestricted and improvisational spirit that they feel symbolize a new wave of modern theatrical dance.

East by North Dance Theatre

 © Robert Whitman

58) Natalia Sanchez_Photo by Elyse Mertz.jpg
58) Natalia Sanchez_Photo by Elyse Mertz.jpg

La Casa De Los Abuelos 

Unnamed Dance was born by the urge of movement collaboration and the creation of body language amongst friends. Created by Natalia Sanchez in 2023, Unnamed Dance has had the opportunity to share their stories on stage and on film at venues like Triskelion Arts, The Emelin Theater, KNJ Theater, and Green Space to name a few. Our movement vocabulary is heavily inspired by the act of playing, of the relationships people build amongst others and of the infinite possibilities of bodily exploration in any setting. “La Casa de Los Abuelos” portrays times of hardship and adversity through child-like eyes and discovers the importance of values and culture inside a community.

Natalia Sanchez

 © Elyse Mertz


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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