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Program 4
Sunday, June 25 @ 4pm

Performances by


University of Kentucky Dance, KY

ella mccauley dance, Virginia

Six Degrees Dance, NY

More Fish, NY

Leiphia, CA

Freespace Dance, NJ

Alexandra Tiso - Moments in Movement, PA

Koin & Co, NY



*While wearing a mask is not mandatory, we highly encourage guests to do so while inside the theater. Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, we kindly suggest that you stay at home for the safety and well-being of yourself and others.*

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In 1999 we debuted at La Danza Festival at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona and attended several exhibitions and festivals in Italy, in  2008 we were guests at the Dance on Camera Festival in NYC with the video H2O. In recent years we have collaborated with jazz musicians and with the choreography L’isola we attended the WAM Festival, a project dedicated to contemporary, baroque dance and  jazz music. In 2018  and 2019 we attended the SOLODUO FESTIVAL in NYC.

The performance is inspired by the enigmatic prose of Melody Sumner Carnahan. The two bodies are closely connected by a band that constitutes a limit to the movement and to the gaze. Two bodies become one, the cyclic movement punctuates the time and the gaze remains suspended. At the end the faces reveal themselves, the gaze turns elsewhere, in search of a new depth, revealing the desire to look into the distance.


45) University of Kentucky Dance Susie Thiel by Mark Cornelison (2).jpg
45) University of Kentucky Dance Susie Thiel by Mark Cornelison (2)_edited.jpg

University of Kentucky Dance

Sing Sang Sung

The University of Kentucky presents Sing Sang Sung under the direction of Susie Thiel. Susie is a Choreographer and the Director of the Dance Program at the University of Kentucky. The Major in Dance in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Theatre and Dance educates its students in the history, theory, creativity, practice, and performance of dance within the context of a broad liberal arts education. The students perform many genres in a variety of venues throughout Kentucky and the nation. Susie’s work has been presented nationally and internationally. Sing Sang Sung is a modern-based jazz dance set to the music of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. The work, created in collaboration with the dancers, explores a unique language of movement, often turning jazz and swing dance on its head and using manipulation to portray the musical instrumentation. The dance is fun and quirky, celebrating movement and music. 

© Mark Cornelison



Now on Sale
40) Ella McCauley Dance (2)_edited.jpg
40) Ella McCauley Dance (2)_edited_edited.jpg

ella mccauley dance

The word-light 

Ella McCauley (she/her) is a dancer and artist from Washington, D.C. Ella trained at The Metropolitan School of the Arts in Alexandria, Virginia for fifteen years, as well as with the Hayfield Secondary School dance team, where she focused on performances, as well as having multiple teaching and choreographic opportunities. Ella is currently attending Shenandoah Conservatory to obtain her B.F.A. in dance. She is continuing her training in various styles including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, pointe, musical theater, and commercial styles. In 2022, Ella attended American College Dance Association’s (ACDA) Mid-Atlantic North Festival (Slippery Rock, PA), where she took classes from professionals in the industry and performed in both the adjudicated concert and the final gala in student-choreographed work. Ella spent two weeks inNew York C ity training with Ballet Hispanico during their ChoreoLAB Summer Intensive. She has started to find her artistic voice through choreography. Her recent work, titled I-95S, was chosen to be a part of the 2023 ACDA Mid-Atlantic South Informal Showing. She is eager to continue growing her artistry as a professional through different creative paths within the industry.



61) More Fish Doron Perk by Elyse Mertz.jpg
61) More Fish Doron Perk by Elyse Mertz.jpg

More Fish

The Unsung

More Fish is a platform for dance creation, performance, and class with the goal of bringing dance artists together to challenge one another, learn from each other, and produce radically creative dance work.  More Fish Dance Company premiered two creations in a self-produced evening at Dixon Place NYC on December 11th, 2022, and will premiere a new production on June 29, 2023. More Fish Open Studios are free classes and research rehearsals that have happened weekly at the Brooklyn Ballet since January 5, 2023. The phrase, “there are plenty more fish in the sea” refers to saying that although one relationship has ended, there are many other people to have relationships with. This theme runs through our work,  keeps us open-minded to new perspectives, and liberates new experiences.  IG

© Elyse Mertz

Pedestrian Ballet

63) Six Degrees Dance by Anna Henderson (1).jpg
63) Six Degrees Dance by Anna Henderson (3).jpg

Six Degrees Dance

'Veils of a Spiraling Demise

Embodying the theory that all people are connected through a social network of 6 or fewer degrees, Six Degrees Dance works, designs, and collaborates with the goal of creating community. We approach dance making in a symbiotic way, believing that the contribution of the individual benefits the group and results in a body of work reflective of the sum of its parts. Collaborating artists are given the freedom to construct and deconstruct material that stems from dialogue, exploration, and personal creativity. Our works present detailed visual architecture driven by the wish to connect with our audiences through singular yet shared emotions and the experience of being human.

Blood and Bone, adapted from a dance film we created in 2021, navigates the experience of being a woman in this world, both collectively and individually, through the exploration of archetypes and personal experience.

 © Anna Henderson

59) Leiphia Leila Massoudi & Sophia Bernardo by Skye Schmidt (2).jpg
59) Leiphia Leila Massoudi & Sophia Bernardo by Skye Schmidt (2).jpg


Joining forces, Sophia Bernardo and Leila Massoudi, college grads from Cal State Fullerton met in composition class and have been working together ever since. In collaboration, they have been able to explore and combine a wide variety of movement playing with intricacy, full body, and the use of momentum. Based on the concepts of the Law of Inertia, and the Rube Goldberg machine, “Lavanertia” explores the idea of simple machines affected by the forces of momentum, velocity, and mass, accumulating to form a complex and fully functioning machine.



22) Freespace by Stephen Ronaghan (4).jpg
22) Freespace by Stephen Ronaghan (1).jpg

'La Lotta

Freespace Dance, under the artistic direction of Donna Scro Samori, a former principal dancer with the Nikolais/Louis Dance Company and a founding member of Sean Curran Company, is renowned for creating emotionally driven work with a bold, athletic signature style. The company's performance credits include Citi Center, Ailey Citigroup, DTW, Joyce SoHo, Peridance, St. Mark's Church, NJPAC, SOPAC, OSPAC, Fringe Festival Edinburgh, Solo/Duo Festival, DUMBO, and Jacob’s Pillow. La Lotta is about different personality traits and how they manifest in connection, relationship, and conflict with others. The first section explores a playful and surface level of connection, while the second section dives deeper into individual expression, conflict, and understanding. The dancers intricately weave themselves into each other using athletic movements and innovative partnering. The contrasting sections allow for the audience to enjoy a full experience of movement possibility and expression. FSD is grateful for the following support; The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, NJSCA, Hyde & Watson Foundation, NJ Cultural Trust, and New Music USA.

Freespace Dance

Photo by © Stephen Ronaghan

43) Alexandra Tiso Moments in Movement by Katie Ging (3)_cropped.jpeg
43) Alexandra Tiso Moments in Movement by Katie Ging (3)_cropped.jpeg

The Watcher & The Sea

Alexandra Tiso is a Pittsburgh-based freelance dancer and choreographer. With an athletic, full-bodied movement and unique sense of musicality, Alexandra strives to create perfect Moments in Movement – experienced in the present, yet powerful enough to make a lasting impression. Her choreography has been set on Texture Contemporary Ballet where she was a company member from 2012-2022, and on the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School. Her new work for four The Watcher & the Sea, will have its world premiere at DDF. This quartet will explore the vastness of our circumstances and the control the currents of our own lives have upon us, being swept into the push and pull of the waves of life and finding release and harmony.

Alexandra Tiso - Moments in Movement

 © Katie Ging

47) Koin & Co (4).jpg
47) Koin & Co (4).jpg

You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

Erin Grace Gibney is a 21-year-old east coast based artist who has recently discovered her passion for choreographing. Using her years of dance experience and love for abstract visuals in photography, Erin has found that choreography is a perfect blend of both - using movement and shapes to create feelings that no words can explain. “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” is a piece about feeling lost within yourself. When someone says “be yourself”, but you are not sure who that is - this piece depicts that feeling. It may seem like nobody around us feels the confusion that we feel individually, but trying to look in from an outside perspective helps us realize that we are all figuring out our lives as we go. Putting these heavy feelings into movement allows the dancers to be fully vulnerable together, rather than alone. Enjoy!

Koin & Co 



150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

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