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Friday, February 10 @ 9 pm

Kanyok Arts Initiative, NY

Li Chiao-Ping Dance, WI

Smutek Dance, MI

McKoy Dance Project || MDP, NY

Collettivo P.O.E.M.S., Italy

Ramona Sekulovic, Germany

Company | E, DC


Selah Dance Collective, CA

danceTactics performance group, AZ

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance, NY          

Feb 10 | 9 pm


161A Chrystie Street, NYCity 10002

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final postcard SOLODUO (1).png

Click HERE to read and download Program Information for Program 3.

Shaping You

Christina Tribo

Choreography by Christina Tribo 

Danced by Christina Tribo 

Music: Out Out of Order by Michl



in medias res

Li Chiao-Ping Dance

Choreography by Li Chiao-Ping

Danced by Li Chiao-Ping

Text/Sound by Li Chiao-Ping

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

01/01/23 at 10:30am

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

Xander Perone is a junior in high school and a student at Kanyok Artis Initiative under the direction of Broadway veteran Laurie Kanyok. He has performed on the Lincoln Center stages and attended the Juilliard summer intensive. Most recently he has presented choreography at the School of American Ballet under the mentorship of Justin Peck.

In Memory is a self-choreographed solo driven by an exploration of living without boundaries or fear and mentored by Laurie Kanyok, who works with aspiring dancers to celebrate the unique voice of the artist, instilling in them confidence and integrity to excel not only in the studio and on stage, but also as responsible, thoughtful, and well-rounded citizens.

46) Kanyok Arts Initiative by Kaynok Arts Initiative.jpg

Kanyok Arts Initiative © Kaynok Arts Initiative

Georgia Greene and Xander Perone are students at Kanyok Arts Initiative under the direction of Broadway veteran Laurie Kanyok. Georgia, a high school senior, just returned from training alongside the Netherlands Dance Theater and is active in her pursuit of a professional dance career. Xander Perone is a high school junior who most recently made his choreographic debut at The School of American Ballet under the mentorship of Justin Peck. 

In 3’s is choreographed collaboratively by Georgia and Xander under the mentorship of Laurie Kanyok and fuses the ingenious musicality of the Beastie Boys with technique, artistry, and athleticism.

27) Li Chiao-Ping Dance by Robbie Sweeny.jpg

Li Chiao-Ping Dance © Robbie Sweeny 

Reflecting and supporting the artistic vision of Li Chiao-Ping and promoting acceptance and respect through our work, Li Chiao-Ping Dance (LCPD) pushes the edges of contemporary/modern dance while producing and presenting highly original performance works. The company offers stimulating, thoughtful, creative, and educational workshops and touring programs for community and pre/professional dance artists, including diverse populations, youth, and older adults. LCPD is very excited to return to New York City and the SoloDuo Festival to present two original works: Sur La Table and concrete. Sur La Table (premiered at the Chazen Museum in Madison, WI 2020) is a duet featuring Elisabeth Roskopf and Piper Morgan Hayes that highlights the trademark physicality and cheeky humor of LCPD. concrete (is a new solo that will premiere in Madison in November 2022), featuring Kimi Evelyn in a work that explores chronic themes of inequality and harassment in a patriarchal society, especially for women of color, i.e. the “concrete ceiling”. 

Smutek Dance is a freelance dance company based in Detroit, MI and directed by Christa Smutek.  Smutek Dance has performed at Detroit Dance City Festival, White Wave SoloDuo Festival, CDCFest in Orlando, FL, Eisenhower Dance Ensemble New DanceFest, World of Dance Chicago and The Gallery Choreographers Showcase. Smutek Dance was the DDCF Detroit Exchange Program Winner 2021. Her film, Unchained was awarded Festival Favorite, Newbie Filmmaker, in Opine Dance Film Festival 2020.  Her films have been selected and finalists in Screendance International 2021, Dancentric Film Festival 2021, and Cinedanza 2021. Smutek’s piece, Dissonance, began as a piece set on 10 women before the pandemic and was then reworked into a duet.  It premiered at Detroit Dance City Festival 2020 and was also showcased at CDCFest 2021. Dissonance displays two lonely women in disharmonious relationships that find comfort knowing they are able to relate to one another. It portrays moments of boredom, indifference, sarcasm, and defeat.

49) Smutek Dance by Sorcha Augustine.jpg

Smutek Dance © Heather Mrotek 

49) Smutek Dance by Sorcha Augustine (3).jpg

Smutek Dance © Sorcha Augustine 

15) McKoy Dance Project MDP by Brendan Flaherty.jpg

McKoy Dance Project MDP© Brendan Flaherty

McKoy Dance Project || MDP is a nonprofit contemporary dance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Led by Founder and Executive Artistic Director Derick McKoy, Jr, the company employs a diverse group of arts leaders and innovators who are passionate about telling realistic stories of our experiences. MDP’s first performance in 2019 involved a collaboration with the Opus 87 Piano Quartet on an evening length ballet called “Looking Out: A Stonewall Memorial.” Since then, the company has produced and premiered a feature film and performed around various venues in the NYC metropolitan area. MDP seeks to be a trustworthy and equitable platform geared towards providing opportunities for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.  We are grateful for the opportunity to present an excerpt of our feature film, “These Stars Are Something Heavy”, that examines the paradox present in the phrase “liberty and justice for all” through articulate dance movement.

Based in Italy, the Poems Collective is not a company, but a group of friends, colleagues, professionals who come together, in 2021, to talk about a rare disease. The primary purpose is to raise awareness of this almost unknown problem and to encourage research. The choreographer/author Cristina Ruberto, the video designer Daniele Chatrian, the dancer Sara Ugorese tell about the Poems Syndrome by launching a fundamental message: everything can become Art, Art must not stop even in the darkest moments, it is a fundamental part of the human being, Art is a channel of supreme knowledge, of outburst, of denunciation.

The “P.O.E.M.S. - A true story" won, in February 2022, the Honorable Mention at LIMFF (London International Monthly Film Festival), it was selected by Tokio International Monthly film Festival, Short Shot Festival (Moscow), Virtual Dumbo Dance Festival (NYC), Borderline Arte Festival (Italy), Finalist Premio Rotonda 2022 (Italy).

Cristina Ruberto_photo by Daniele Chatrian (4).jpg

collecttive P.O.E.M.S © Daniele Chatrian 

51) Ramona Sekulovic by Dusan Sekulovic (3).jpg

Ramona Sekulovic ©  Dusan Sekulovic 

Ramona Sekulovic is a US/German choreographer based in Berlin, Germany. Trained as a dancer and visual anthropologist, she currently strives to incorporate the experience and perception of her own body as well as its individual physical aesthetics into choreographic practice. Her site-specific productions Asphaltwalzer and WaterWaltz premiered recently in Berlin and were funded by the National Performance Net and Draussenstadt - Call for Action. In the past she was presented by Gibney, Dixon Place, Green Space, Movement Research at Judson Church, and the Dumbo Dance Festival among others in New York, and by the Austin Dance Festival and the Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival nationally. Her newest solo dance BodyTravels embodies a variety of technical and stylistic influences and their emotional impact on a dancer's body, and will be part of this year’s SoloDuo Festival.

51) Ramona Sekulovic by Dusan Sekulovic (2).jpg

Company | E is a contemporary repertory dance company based in Washington, DC. The Company works primarily with the U.S. Department of State in the role of Cultural Ambassador, creating partnerships, programs and performance around the world. In 2022-2023 that work takes Company E to Thailand, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Oman and the Palestinian territories. Company E is heavily invested in supporting artists in Ukraine, commissioning and presenting works from Ukrainian choreographers, composers and film-makers.


“Glancing Blows,” by Co-Artistic Director Paul Gordon Emerson, speaks to the casual wounds partners often inflict on each other even while living so close as to be inseparable. The title is a reference to those often sideways blows — those glancing blows — that are often delivered without intent — or with.

44) Company  E by Paul Gordon Emerson (1).jpg

 Company E © Paul Gordon Emerson

21) FELEDI PROJECT by György Jókúti (4).jpg

The Feledi Project (Hungary, Budapest), my own company was established by by myself in 2011. I appeared with my first independent choreography in 2010. That motivated me to start the Feledi Project. The ensemble ofthe Project is known about their high level of technical knowledge, excellent artistic presence, professionalism, and the unique level of energy. The choreographies demonstrate each time the mature individual style and expression and the creative world of the participants. The quality of work and the various productions gained the love and appreciation of national dance professionals, as a result in 2014 the Feledi Project was elected as a full member into the Association of Hungarian Dancers and Choreographers Society. In 2020, I received a state award in recognition of my performances in the field of dance and the presentations of my choreographies with a unique atmosphere, individual style, expression and creative style, which were presented with great success.

21) FELEDI PROJECT by György Jókúti.jpg

The Feledi Project © György Jókúti 

71) Selah Dance Collective by Meredith Cabaniss Ventura_edited.jpg

Selah Dance Collective (SELAH) © Meredith Cabaniss Ventura

Selah Dance Collective (SELAH) is a contemporary dance company dedicated to producing original work, creating educational experiences through performance, and maintaining a platform for community dance works and emerging artists through outreach, education, and mentorship. Since its founding, SELAH has captured the attention of fellow artists, presenters, and audiences with its innovative work and challenging physicality grounded by a focus on making dance more accessible and relatable to all people. The Violet Hour was developed initially as a solo for L'ahah in Paris, France, in collaboration with the installation "Homeshaping/Homeshaking: Modern Odysseys." The work investigates exile as a distinct part of the modern experience through an embodiment of the movement of displacement and one's relationship to migration and historical landscapes. The Violet Hour seeks to embody the concepts of spaces and barriers to investigate what these ideas reinscribe upon the body.

danceTactics performance group directs its interest towards dance’s capacity to communicate on its own, thriving by intentionally seeking out challenges and opportunities for discovery inside the present moment. Founded in 2006 by Artistic Director Keith A. Thompson, the company´s distinctive vocabulary is characterized by complex articulation, multiple pathways through and between spaces, and collaboration. With passion, skill, and curiosity, danceTactics creates connections between abstraction and story. In addition to performances, danceTactics prioritizes education, residencies, and other environments for meaningful exchange. Whether onstage or in the studio, Thompson and his colleagues encourage all of us to think outside the box. Aspiring to be continually growing and learning, danceTactics is always seeking new ways to create textured and inventive dance experiences for everyone. “Here/No Goodbyes” is part of the Love Alone Anthology Project, a suite of dances inspired by the writings of poet & AIDS activist Paul Monette.

74) danceTactics performance group by  Robert Flynt (4).png

danceTactics performance group ©Robert Flynt 

A pioneer of “Hallyu (한류): Korean Wave”, Young Soon Kim, an internationally acclaimed choreographer whose work has been hailed for its exhilarating, visually stunning, and emotionally rich. Formed in 1988, WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company strives to inspire audiences through multi-dimensional dance productions reflecting themes and philosophies both modern and timeless. For nearly four decades, Ms. Kim and WHITE WAVE have appeared globally on principal stages including Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Joyce Theater, Kennedy Center, Dance Theater Workshop, Jacob’s Pillow, American Dance Festival, National Theater of Seoul (Korea), National Theater of Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts, as well as Theatre de la Ville in Paris, Maison de la Culture in Le Havre, France; Teatro Nazionale in Milan, Teatro Tendu Striscie in Rome, Italy; Schauspielhaus in Cologne, Germany; as well as the Festival d’Avignon in Avignon, France, among others. In 2003 Ms. Kim was featured in the documentary film Arirang: The Korean American Journey, which was premiered at the Smithsonian Institute and broadcasted nationwide by PBS. In 2013 and 2014, Ms. Kim was nominated twice for the Annual KBS Global Korean Award.

2019 has been invigorating for WHITE WAVE Dance, including a highly successful tour to Korea & China!

Our latest production “iyouuswe II, A Dance Film” is selected to Finalist at Vancouver Independent Film Festival and an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the London International Short Film Festival 2021, 2021 Espoo Digi-Dance International Film Festival (Finland) and Experimental, Dance, Music Film Festival (Canada).

WHITE WAVE Dance by Steven Schreiber (19).jpg

WHITE WAVE Dance © Joon Park   

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