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Program 1
Friday, June 23 @ 7pm

Performances by:

Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company, WI

Neta Kinetics, NY

Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance, NY

Dmitri Peskov and Jung Ah Yoon, UT/

American Swiss Ballet Company, NY

Amos Pinhasi, NY

Elise Knudson plus, NY

Fellow Travelers Performance Group, LA

Tec Dance Company, NL




*While wearing a mask is not mandatory, we highly encourage guests to do so while inside the theater. Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, we kindly suggest that you stay at home for the safety and well-being of yourself and others.*

Click HERE to read and download Program Information for Program 1.

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13) Li Chiao-Ping Dance Photography by Maureen Janson Heintz (1).JPG
13) Li Chiao-Ping Dance Photography by Maureen Janson Heintz (1).JPG

Breathing Practice

Presented and screened throughout the world, from NYC to Buenos Aires, LCPD has performed in many festivals including Jacob’s Pillow (MA), Bates Dance Festival (ME), American Dance Festival (NC), Dance Now (NY), Highways (CA), and at The Kennedy Center, Simon Fraser University, York University, Theater Project, Links Hall, UCLA, Julia Morgan Theater, Dance Mission, UC Santa Barbara, University of Utah, UM-College Park, Hollins University, James Madison University, Duke University, UW-Milwaukee, Virginia Commonwealth University, NYU, Dance Place, Symphony Space, DTW, Joyce SoHo, P.S. 122, ODC Theater, Theater Artaud, Highways Performance Space, ODC Theater, CounterPulse, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, among others.

Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company

 © Maureen Janson Heintz

6) Neta Kinetics by Elyse Mertz (5).jpeg
6) Neta Kinetics by Elyse Mertz (1).jpg


The Wanderers 

Neta-Kinetics is a contemporary street dance company formed in 2022, following the lineage of Cricket (James Colter)'s Concept Kinetics formed in 2019. Following Cricket's departure from New York, company members who have trained under Cricket work collectively to produce dance theater for the stage, primarily led by one of Cricket's longtime trainees Marianna Koytsan.

 Neta-Kinetics combines rigorous training in house, breaking, hip-hop, and other street dance forms with a playful and theatrical sensibility to produce dynamic works for the stage. We seek to build intensely physical, character-based worlds that weave in the diverse movement backgrounds of our group while keeping the integrity of street styles a primary focus of the work. Some members of the company specialize in postmodern dance, some in breaking, some in hip hop choreography, and some in waacking. All are encouraged to bring their unique backgrounds to the creation of collective material, fostering individuality rather than uniformity.

© Elyse Mertz



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10) Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance by Angelo Vasta and Jaqlin Medlock (1).jpg
10) Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance by Angelo Vasta and Jaqlin Medlock (1).jpg

Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance


Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance formed in 2017 to create and produce dance performance. They have produced multiple shows including: The Exodus Road fundraiser with Fooju Dance, The Puerto Rican hurricane relief fundraiser with Heather Robles in cooperation with Gibney Dance, The Senior Care Project in NYC, partially sponsored by Space Works, and A Chance to Dance, in Xela, Guatemala in collaboration with Go Guatemala! Past performances include: The EVAC, Green Space, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, Space Works, Bridge for Dance, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Cleveland Dance Dimensions, and The LINE, London Contemporary Art Space. Dance films include: EMEREGE and Dyadic::al. EMERGE is an homage to the natural world and a remembering that humans are not separate from this nature. When we allow ourselves to be of nature, instead of dominating nature, a part of ourselves in which has always been within us, begins to EMERGE.

 © Angelo Vasta and Jaqlin Medlock

19) Dmitri Peskov and Jung Ah Yoon (4).jpg
19) Dmitri Peskov and Jung Ah Yoon (4).jpg

Dmitri Peskov and Jung Ah Yoonu

'The Coming of Light

Dmitri Peskov is the Dance Department Chair and Associate Professor of Dance at Snow College in Ephraim, UT. His recent choreography has been presented at All That Dance Festival in Seoul, Korea, Our Stories Dance Festival in Germany/Israel, Dance Now Festival in New York, Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival in Kalamazoo, Only the Lonely Dance Festival in Salt Lake City, as well as at Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival. He is the winner of the 2021 My Prize Poetry Award in Russia and a co-editor of the new Russian-

language literary journal TETRIS.

Jung Ah Yoon is a choreographer, dancer, dance therapist, and professor based in Seoul, Korea. She currently serves as the Artistic Director of her own dance company JAY Dance Project in addition to previously serving as the President of both the Korean Dance Therapy Association and the Korean Association of Arts Education while also teaching students at the Sung Shin Women's University and the Convergence Arts University. She founded the JAY Dance Project in 2009 and has been working on a variety of creative works, including collaborations with other experimental genres rooted in contemporary dance aesthetic. She choreographed many works, and she won the Best Dance Repertory of the Performing Arts & Film Review with “Short-term Memory Loss” in 2009, and also received the best Artist Award for her work "Red String" at the second Seoul Dance Play Festival in 2018.

 © Jung Ah Yoon

32) American Swiss Ballet Company by Eric Bandiero (5).jpeg
32) American Swiss Ballet Company by Eric Bandiero (5).jpeg

American Swiss Ballet Company


The American Swiss Ballet Co. founded as a youth company in Switzerland, became ASB Company in NYC 2015. Our own studio in the heart of Manhattan, in a building designed by the famous architect Emery Roth; the building incorporates Beaux-Arts Deco details, and is a great inspiration for our dancers. We have a diversity of choreographers and teachers who specialize in various styles of dance, from contemporary to classical. The company has participated in numerous dance festivals in the US, and we are a springboard for the careers of our dancers. Our goal is to help give young dancers a strong foundation in technique and as much experience on the stage as possible, essential assets for a professional career. 

We strongly encourage and guide our company members internationally in the world of dance, and ASBCompany travels every year to Europe maintaining our cultural exchange, very important for our ASBCOMPANY. 

© Eric Bandiero 

8) Amos Pinhasi by Steven Pisano.jpg
8) Amos Pinhasi by Steven Pisano.jpg

Amos Pinhasi 


Amos Pinhasi was born in Israel where he performed and choreographed for Tamar Jerusalem Dance Company.

In new York he has presented his own work since 1985 and has been

produced by DTW, DIA ,Joyce Soho, Dancenow,The 40Up Project and

Danspace Project, White Wave, Cool New York, WestFest among  others. He has toured his solo work in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Israel.

He teaches dance improvisation and Yoga internationally.

© Steven Pisano

16_Elise Knudson photo by 王也.jpg
16_Elise Knudson photo by Julie Lemberger.jpg

Elise Knudson plus 


ELISE KNUDSON ( is a New York City based dance artist. She teaches Contact Improvisation for Movement Research and facilitates CI at festivals and studios such as Touch Festival (China), Leviathan Studio (Canada) WCCI Jam (Berkeley, USA) and Moab Jam (Utah). Elise has taught repertory and CI at Manhattanville College and Theory and Practice of Dance Improvisation at Yale University. She created NEXToNow, modeled after The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia to provide a platform for the practice of performing interdisciplinary free improvisation. Honored by the opportunity to perform improvised dance with Nancy Stark Smith, David Appel, Chris Aiken&Angie Hauser, Alicia Greyson and others, Elise has also enjoyed the opportunity to perform choreography with various Artists, including Christopher Williams, Jenni Hong Dance, Kiori Kawai/Purring Tiger, Risa Jaroslow, Jody Oberfelder and Koosil-ja/DANCE KUMIKO.  Over the years Elise has choreographed aerial dances, experimental installations and concert dances for stages large and small. She is currently interested in developing fluidity between instantaneous and premeditated choreography.


41) Fellow Travelers Performance Group Cynthia Adams by Maureen Janson Heintz (2).JPG
41) Fellow Travelers Performance Group Cynthia Adams by Maureen Janson Heintz (1).jpg

Fellow Travelers Performance Group

The Great Regression (working title)

Fellow Travelers Performance Group Artistic Director and Choreographer Cynthia Adams will be joined in a duet with Paula McArthur in The Great Regression.  Cynthia Adams blends concepts and ideas from women’s rights dating as far back as Susan B. Anthony’s speeches and the Suffragettes, blending text and original sound score with movement in a dark comedic dance theater piece. Drawing on choreographic material from larger group pieces in 2019, and 2020 the work continues to evolve in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June 2022, ending constitutional protection for abortion.

Adams founded Fellow Travelers Performance Group in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992 and has received numerous awards, grants and residencies as well as performing nationally and internationally multimedia, dance theater pieces. Ms. Adams is currently Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University. Ms. Adams holds an MA in Choreography/Performance from the University of California, Los Angeles and is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®), a Pilates trainer and Yoga instructor.

© Maureen Janson Heintz  

52) Tec Dance Company Marcela Salazar (8).jpg
52) Tec Dance Company Marcela Salazar (7).jpg

Tec Dance Company

Slaves of Fear 

Tec Dance Company is based at Tec de Monterrey, one of Latin America’s most prestigious institutions. Initiating in 1980, the company has since evolved, now boasting a high quality dance program as well as dance scholarship opportunities. Many of our alumni have succeeded as professional performers. “Slaves of Fear” explores how fear moves us and how it can take over our lives. Fear is a good tool for survival, but it also has the ability to freeze and prevent us from moving forward, it can be contagious and claustrophobic. “In-dwell” touches upon the unbreakable female spirit, the strength it takes to be woman and how a woman can exist or reside as an inner activating spirit or force in oneself and others.

 © JMarcela Salazar


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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