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17) Company E_Photo by Paul Gordon Emerson (2)_edited.jpg

Program 1
Friday, June 28 @ 7pm

Performances by:

  ▪    Alexander Hille, MN
▪    X&Y Quadrant Dance Company, NY
▪    David P. France Dance Company, Switzerland  
▪    Company|E, DC
▪    Tina Croll + Company, NY
▪    O'Toole & Dance, NC
▪    Tsiambwom M. Akuchu, CA
▪    Mending Dance Theater, Taiwan



Click HERE to read and download Program Information for Program 1.

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28) Alexander Hille.jpg
28) Alexander Hille.jpg


"Divided We Fall," by Hille, a piece in which you could almost forget you were watching ballet. Performed en pointe, dancers ferociously intertwined with one another with lifts, spins and contortions. The high-velocity work was propelled forward with an anxious wandering as each of the four dancers pushed through as if trying to escape their current situations.

Set to Julien Tarride's relentless electronic music followed by a chilling version of Winston Tong's song "In a Manner of Speaking, " covered by rock band Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, Hille's piece depicted characters reaching their boiling point. Tension built between the performers even as Hille crafted elegant sculptural poses made of
bodies in space.

Star Tribune by Sheila Regan & Minnesota's best theater, classical and dance performances and art exhibitions of 2022 MDT at the Southern Theater: Alexander Hille, who is currently based in Europe but grew up in Minnesota, pushed the boundaries of what ballet can do in "Divided We Fall."

Alexander Hille 


27) X&Y Quadrant Dance Company_Photo by Miaotian Sun.jpg
27) X&Y Quadrant Dance Company_Photo by Dahyun Kim.jpg

X&Y Quadrant Dance Company

Blooming|绽放 | 개화

Our piece seeks to convey a powerful narrative, urging audiences to reflect on environmental interconnectedness through movement. X&Y Quadrant Dance Company aims to create a world where the beauty of all forms of dance is appreciated and celebrated, regardless of cultural origin or background. We seek to provide a platform where dancers can showcase their unique talents and individuality, while also learning from and connecting with others in the dance community. Miaotian has received her BA in Dance at Indiana University, and her MA in Dance Education at Steinhardt NYU. She has achieved notable success in both performance and choreography. In 2023, she secured second prize at the European Dance Arena Championships for "Dream Edge" and "La Mia Gioiosa Possessione del Mondo" was shortlisted at the 2023 ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DI DANZA – ROMA. 
Dahyun has received their M.F.A. Dance in Tisch & M.A. Dance Education in Steinhardt NYU, Dahyun has expanded their horizons internationally, being recognized as a choreographer and performer. Dance becomes whole through its culture, and Dahyun honors their Korean heritage through their creations such as '흥|Joy'(2021), '수심가|Depth of Water'(2022), and '일엽편주|Paperboat'(2023).

 © Miaotian Sun



Now on Sale
49, 50) David P. France Dance Company_Photo by Garry Platt.jpg
49, 50) David P. France Dance Company_Photo by Garry Platt.jpg

David P. France Dance Company

Get It While You Can

David P. France Dance Company is an emerging multidisciplinary dance company, a stylistic blend of modern, jazz, and ballet - a fusion of visual, musical, and physical dance artistry; a blend of American and European visual styles and urban, ethnic, folk, and classical dance.                                                                                   The company's first incarnation was from 2009-2014 and was based in Basel, Switzerland.  The second incarnation (the relaunch) began in 2023 and is moving forward with healthy expectations to work in Switzerland and abroad.  The goal, however, remains the same: to create a global network of dance artists to service several international communities through a shared vision of world unity and artistic collaboration.
The pieces presented during the DUMBO Dance Festival 2024 will celebrate this bold attempt to fusion different styles.  The Jazz piece “Get It While You Can” was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.  The second piece, “Through The Portal”, attempts to merge influences of American Rock and Electronica with elements of Spanish Flamenco.

© Garry Platt

17) Company E_Photo by Paul Gordon Emerson (2).jpg
17) Company E_Photo by Paul Gordon Emerson_edited.jpg

Company | E  


Company | E is a DC-based repertory dance company whose work is created through
international artistic and cultural exchanges. Using dance, music, storytelling, film-making and the Metaverse, the Company uses uses art to bridge cultural divides, speak to the critical issues of our time and honor the idea that “there is more than unites us than divides us,” Company | E serves as Cultural Diplomats with the U.S. Department of State, and educators of artists of all ages around the globe. The Company embraces the overarching “E” words that it was named for: ecology, equity, excitement, energy, education, engagement, and so many more.
Commissioned by Company E and the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC, FEW is about the small things in the world – the sense of what it is to be one of only a few remaining. Filled with imagery derived from the natural world, this piece is haunting yet somehow also enchanting. Made possible by the Embassy of Spain and by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Few has won hearts both here and in Spain itself.

 © Paul Gordon Emerson

32) Tina Croll + Company_Photo by Whitney Browne.jpg
Tina Croll + Company_Photo by Robin Michals

Tina Croll + Company

She Rides a Tiger

Tina Croll + Company will perform “She Rides a Tiger.” This refers to the Hindu goddess Durga, "The Invincible." She is the warrior goddess depicted in the Hindu pantheon riding a tiger. She has 8 arms, each carrying a weapon. Sensuous and beautiful, she nevertheless is the fierce form of the protective Divine Mother. Tina Croll, founding member of Dance Theater Workshop, studied with Merce Cunningham, Erick Hawkins; performed with Jeff Duncan, Jamie Cunningham, Judith Dunn; established Tina Croll + Company in NYC. Evening-length works produced by Danspace Project: “Ancient Springs” with a cast of 20 and “Balkan Dreams”, a collaboration with Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band. Formed an improvisation group, “the Gang of Four,” with Wendy Perron, Douglas Dunn, and Kenneth King. “From the Horse’s Mouth” continues, presented for the past 25 years in major cities around the U.S., as well as at Jacob’s Pillow and American Dance Festival.

© Eric Bandiero 

33) O'Toole & Dance_Photo by Jeff Cravotta.jpg
33) O'Toole & Dance_Photo by Jeff Cravotta (5)_edited.jpg

O'Toole & Dance


O’Toole and Dancers is a Charlotte, NC based dance company.  O’Toole’s choreography creates performance experiences that blend inspiration from literature, music, and life experiences, coupled with company dancers as inspiration.  Their work has been presented in London, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Southeast. 
Dys is a movement interpretation of a glimpse into a family experiencing the loss of a loved one, and the outside elements that complicate closure. The splitting and sharing of finances and physical items after a family member has passed can create dysfunctional tension, coupled with abrupt emotions.  Movement patterns in this work explore relationships symbolizing spouses, family members and strangers.  The relationship of motion and music are used to oppose each other as well as work together, representing the harmony and disconnect of grief, greed, and closure. 

© Steven Pisano

14) Tsiambwom M. Akuchu_Photo by Greg Crosby (2).jpg
14) Tsiambwom M. Akuchu_Photo by Greg Crosby (2).jpg

Tsiambwom M. Akuchu


Tsiambwom M. Akuchu is a street dance and theatre artist whose work has been presented on stages like the Kennedy Center and Joe's Pub at The Public. He often creates work for concert dance that stages hip-hop and street dance fused with physical theater to create a unique performance experience. He has been working for the past several years as a solo artist creating new work, performing his repertoire, and in stage plays for festivals and shows like the Arts On Site NYC, DANCE NOW New York Festival, TEDx Providence, Big Sky Summer Theatre Festival, and the Atlanta Spring for Spring Festival. The work he's presenting for Dumbo Dance Festival, Earthbound, is built around an abstract fictional narrative, collating multiple emotional experiences reflecting the lived experience of a young black man in the United States.
About the performers of rage/LIFT ME UP: “Each individual involved in the process of rage/LIFT ME UP was open and curious from the beginning. They are everything you hope to experience in a room when developing work. With each rehearsal of this piece, it felt like the studio was electric. For the hour and a half on our rehearsal days, each one of my dancers locked in and I owe the pride I feel in this work to their intensity and vulnerability.

 © Greg Crosby

43) Mending Dance Theater_Photo by Chiu Jia-Ching.jpg
43) Mending Dance Theater_Photo by Honda (2).jpg

Mending Dance Theater 

Transparent Alternative Street Talk, New Theater Version

Founded in 2014, Mending Dance Theater producing forward-looking, cross-domain dance works that link deeply with society, developing an aesthetics full of dramatic tension and poetic quality in the contemporary dance theater.
“Alternative Talk”(黑白話) is pronounced in Taiwanese. It consists of many people’s dialogues and their soliloquies and is experimented in Taiwanese rap. This work fuses the contemporary body languages of modern dance and street dance, presenting one of Taiwan’s features: multiple cultures. In this performance, Mending Dance Theater creates a new story in Taiwanese, turning the feelings of watching the disappearance of memory and culture into dances from the perspective of urban youth. In addition to Mending Dance Theater's expertise in the fusion of the body experiences of modern dance and street dance, the combination of a poetic atmosphere, soundscapes, and Taiwanese dialogues in rap with funk rhythm create a fresh experience of both strangeness and closeness to the audience.

© Chiu Jia-Ching


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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