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2020 SoloDuo Virtual Dance Festival

WHITE WAVE presents our 5th Annual SoloDuo Dance Festival featuring 29 dancemakers from the New York Metro area, from across the U.S., and Cuba, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Japan & China. Selected by a panel of distinguished dance producers and artists in New York, talented rising national and international dancemakers will appear in this year’s festival. WHITE WAVE’s Artistic Director Young Soon Kim founded the SoloDuo Dance Festival in 2016.


Our program celebrates the unique art of the solo and duet, creating new opportunities to display the latest work of both emerging and mid-career choreographers, offering vivid experiences for audiences with the goal of discovering and nurturing young talent, making Dixon Place a one of-a kind venue to showcase intimate solos or duets.

This year, we have several brilliant young choreographers showing their latest work at 2020 SoloDuo!

Jànos Feledi from Budapest, The Feledi Project is known for its unique level of energy and artistry its hi-concept works;Chinese-American Li Chiao-Ping, former Chair of the Dance Department at the University of Wisconsin, has been hailed for her “marvelously imaginative...engrossing, intelligently put-together work. Jiemin Yang, originally from China, holds a MA from London Contemporary Dance School. He had trained from Akram Khan and Hofesh Shechter Dance company, and performed in India and multiple cities in Europe, the UK, and the US. Japanese-American, Ruri Watanabe is winner of the Nakano International Dance Competition. Mayu Nakaya’s "A Phantom Woman's Song" won the “North Japan Newspaper Award" and the "Za-Kouenji Dance Award. Juilliard graduates and students are particularly well-represented at this year’s program. Lua Mayenco from Madrid, will perform with Matilda Mackey, based in NY. Jack Murphy’s “Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic!” portrays one person's struggle with the pressures of societal beauty standards and ideals. Katie Garcia, recipient of the Irene Diamond and Edith Rosenhouse-Baehr scholarship from Juilliard, currently works with Parsons Dance and WHITE WAVE Dance). Alexander Sargent is recipient of Julliard’s Choreographic Honors Awards for his work “Lost in Translation.” Madison Pineda presents "unrivaled: an allegory."

Photo Page (ysk) PR (1).jpg
11_Lua Mayenco & Matilda Mackey photo by
11_Lua Mayenco & Matilda Mackey photo by

Christina Tribo, NY

MEAGmove, NY

Li Chiao-Ping Dance, WI

CocoJoeProductions, CA

Company | E, District of Columbia

Amos Pinhasi, NY

Cattywampus Dance, IL

Lua Mayenco & Matilda Mackey, Spain & NY

Hayley Midea, MI

TalCual Dance Projects, NY & Cuba

54_Jiemin Yang photo by Madison McGain 2
54_Jiemin Yang photo by Madison McGain 2

Stacey Carlson, NY

HR Dance, NY

Jiemin Yang, China

The Feledi Project, Hungary

Zehnder Dance, MA

Cara Diaz Collective, NY

Ruri Watanabe, Japan

MotISparsi, Italy

Matilda Mackey, NY


61_Ruri Watanabe photo by Nir Arieli (2)
65_Sarah Elgart _ Arrogant Elbow photo b

Madison Pineda, NY

Liz Dibble Dance, UT

Jack Murphy, NY

Smutek Dance Project, MI

Mayu Nakaya, Japan

Alison Cook Beatty Dance, NY

Sarah Elgart | Arrogant Elbow, CA

Alexander Sargent, NY

Biggs & Co., NY


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