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Eternal Now

Multi-Media Dance/Theater Piece

Korea Premiere | August 6 & 7, 2019 | Asia Cultural Center, Gwangju, Korea

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Revealing secret longings through utterly human stories, choreographer Young Soon Kim and WHITE WAVE Dance present Eternal NOW. Kim, whose work has been hailed for its exhilarating, visually stunning, and emotionally rich phrases and textures, presents this expression of movement that perpetually affirms the now, in space and time, as it reveals the inner landscape of human emotion. The result is a compelling, deeply sensual work that exemplifies the remarkable versatility of its performers and the choreographic virtuosity of its maker. Eternal NOW is the fourth and final chapter of the Here NOW series which Kim conceived and began creating in 2010.


Choreography | Young Soon Kim in collaboration with WHITE WAVE Dancers

Original music composed & performed | Marco Cappelli

Projection Design | Kate Freer, Hao Bai

Costume design | Sarah Cubbage

Dramaturgy Adviser | James Leverett

Lighting design | Yuriy Nayer

Dancers | Melissa Anderson, Lacey Baroch, Misuzu Hara, James Johnson, Casey LaVres,

Jesse Obremski, Mikelle Rindflish, Andy Santana, Mark Willis


Running time: 70 minutes

Eternal NOW by WHITE WAVE Dance @ ACC



ⓒACI by Bae Hyuntae

Photo by Matthew Borowick

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