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World Premiere | July 25-28, 2007 | Dance Theater Workshop


Starting in 2007 with landmark performances at DTW’s Bessie Schönberg Theater, Kim developed a sequence of innovative works that integrated contemporary dance and aerial choreography. Her novel choreographic method was described in the press by journalist Robert Kruse: “Young Soon began by visualizing the choreography and working with dancers and aerial artists to make a reality out of it. Through the use of harnesses and suspended loops of fabric, Young Soon choreographs without a bottom. This is unlike the circus style aerobatics you may be used to seeing… What makes it unique is Young Soon’s unification of her style with the aerial device. Her work is more of an abstract expressionist dance gliding through the air. This is also incorporated with her planet earth-based choreography.”


숯SSOOT takes its name from a Korean word, which literally translates as charcoal in English but is also used colloquially to mean "fresh energy."  Choreographed and directed by Young Soon Kim, SSOOT I received its World Premiere in Ms. Kim’s 30th Anniversary Celebration at Dance Theater Workshop in 2007.  SSOOT I (opening to dark wood), a two-part full evening length work for sixteen performers, opens with a delirious highly exposed portrayal of visually provocative and personally intimate movement. SSOOT expresses the inner conflict of humans mesmerized by the world's sorrow and its undeniable beauty. SSOOT seeks to reveal the emotional landscape and inner lives of its characters in their most raw and vulnerable form along with the secret longings of utterly human stories. In this work, dancers interact with live video and edited images simultaneously presented on widescreen monitors by Joel Cantor. The original costumes were designed by Myung Bohm and Dan Meeker as lighting designer.


Artistic Director | Young Soon Kim

Music Director | Ki Young Kim

Music | Ki Young Kim, Allen Won,Dae Soo Han & Young Gyu Jang, Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors, David Daring,and Marco Cappelli

Video | Joel Cantor

Stage | Philippe Vercruyssen

Lighting Design |  SSOOT I &SSOOT II by Daniel Meeker

Costume |  Young Bom Ma and Michelle Kim & Moorim Choi

Dancer |  Miguel Anaya, KylaErnst-Alper, Misuzu Hara, Amanda Hinchey, Faith Hunter Kimberling, JuhwanHwang, Young Soon Kim, Trenard Mobley, Emily Pope-Blackman,Timothy Ward, and Mei Yamanaka


Photo Slide Show


SSOOT Photos:


WHITE WAVE "Wave Rising Series" on ABC Eyewitness News


MK TV Interview


WW Annual Dinner

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