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Here NOW So Long

Architectural Design of the Human Heart

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company_

Here NOW So Long, an ambitious collaboration, is a work of courage and rapturous beauty, breaking and broadening the boundaries of dance.  Artistic Director Young Soon Kim creates works of vision and movement language in reverence and awe of the novelties that reflect the inner landscape of human emotion… reaching into the inner territories of the imagination, passion and spirit to create new expressions of contemporary dance.


  • Here NOW  So Long explores the turbulence of human emotions; Here NOW will weave together panoramic video images, a live performance of an original composition for guitars and electronics and the fluid dramatic movement of WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company.


  • Here NOW So Long consists of 16 scenes and expresses the human emotions with solo, duet, trio and group dance which extends and break the barriers of contemporary dance whose theme is love and innerconflict.


  • Here NOW So Long is a collaboration of many prominent artists among whom Marco Cappelli is leading the music industry of lower Manhattan and will perform at the show. This music and live performance were commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation.


Choreographed & Directed | Young Soon Kim in collaboration with performers

Original Music Composed & Performed |  Marco Cappelli

Music |  Sam Crawford & Zeb Gould, Allen Won, Szymon Broszka

Visuals by Video and Film Maker David Tirosh

Lighting design |  Daniel Marker

Dramaturgy |  James Leverett

Danced |  Miguel Anaya, KylaErnst-Alper, Misuzu Hara, Amanda Hinchey, Faith Hunter Kimberling, JuhwanHwang, Young Soon Kim, Trenard Mobley, Emily Pope-Blackman,Timothy Ward, and Mei Yamanaka


Here NOW So Long video

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