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Canadian Premiere | March 15-17, 2018 | Vancouver International Dance Festival 

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"The Georgia Straight's Gail Johnson raved that "This beautifully crafted piece...present[s] moments of subtle tension, but it pulses most profoundly with harmony...  In duets, trios, and other ever-shifting configurations, things unfurl organically; there’s a natural, poetic rhythm here that hums beneath, as if to imply things are unfolding as they should—whether it’s within a couple or the universe itself.”                                             


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“iyouuswe” (I-You-Us-We) was born from an exciting collaboration between WHITE WAVE’s artistic director, Young Soon Kim, and our nine dazzling dancers over the past 18 months. The provocative score is original music by longtime collaborator Ki Young, a “borderless musician.” It is an uninterrupted 65-minute journey that challenges us to examine who we are, how we relate to ourselves, and to each other. It's a story of developing relationships by which we struggle to find a sense of ‘i’ as part of a ‘we.’


Choreography | Young Soon Kim in collaboration with WHITE WAE Dancers

Original Music | Ki Young

Other music’s | Jang Young Gyu, Jim Perkins, David August, Rujin, Seo Yeong-Eun, THE Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dramaturgy Adviser | James Leverett

Lighting Designer | Yuriy Nayer

Costume Coordination | Young Soon Kim

Dancers | Guanglei Hui, Mark Willis, Casey LaVres, James Johnson, Katie Garcia, Michelle Lim, Andy Santana, Jesse Obremski, Lacey Baroch


Run time: 65 minutes


“iyouuswe” by WHITE WAVE Dance

Iyouuswe for 2018 VIDF:

 “iyouuswe” IMAGES:
High-Resolution Photos available for download

Click HERE for “iyouuswe’ photos by Chris Randle

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