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White Wave Dance presents the 7th Annual SoloDuo Dance Festival from February 9, Thursday to February 10, Friday, 2023 at Dixon Place in New York. The Festival will feature 33 dancemakers from the New York Metro area and from across the country, selected by a panel of distinguished presenters and dance artists. White Wave’s Artistic Director Young Soon Kim founded the SoloDuo Dance Festival in 2016. The program celebrates the unique art of the solo and duet—formats often favored by early-stage choreographers as their companies begin to find their paths within the dance world—creating new opportunities to display the latest work of both emerging and mid-career choreographers, offering vivid experiences for audiences with the goal of discovering and nurturing young talent, making Dixon Place a one of-a kind intimate venue that is particularly well-suited to showcase the artistry of solo and duet performances.



White Wave’s mission is to act as a potent stimulus to expand the horizons of dance by producing dance concerts, festivals, residencies, and educational activities. White Wave provides dancemakers an opportunity to congregate, create, and present new works on prestigious stages to the discerning NYC audience.


11_Lua Mayenco & Matilda Mackey photo by

HR Dance, NY

Dibble Dance, Utah

Dancentral, CT

Alison Cook Beatty Dance, NY

The DynamitExperience, NY

Bailey Seymour Dance, Illinois

Amos Pinhasi, NY

David Popalisky and Dancers, CA

Kanyok Arts Initiative, NY

Alyssa Myers, NY

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, NY

Program 1
54_Jiemin Yang photo by Madison McGain 2
61_Ruri Watanabe photo by Nir Arieli (2)
21) FELEDI PROJECT by György Jókúti (2).jpg

Kanyok Arts Initiative, NY

Li Chiao-Ping Dance, WI

Smutek Dance, MI

McKoy Dance Project || MDP, NY

Collettivo P.O.E.M.S., Italy

Ramona Sekulovic, Germany

Company | E, DC


Selah Dance Collective, CA

danceTactics performance group, AZ

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, NY

Program 3
47) Laura Katz Rizzo by Brain Mengini (4).jpg

Laura Katz Rizzo, PA

Anna Bauer, Texas

five two Dance Company, NY

QYDC (Qu Yang Dance Company), NY

Li Chiao-Ping Dance, WI

Miranda Brown + Noa Rui-Piin Weis, NY

Edu Hernandez, NY

Gloria McLean Lifedance, NY

Christopher Compton , AZ

Delicate Cactus Choreography, WI

Freespace Dance, NJ

Program 2
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