Program 7

Sunday, June 13 @ 4pm

Performances by:

CrossMove Lab, NY

Amos Pinhasi, NY

TheCo (Tec Dance Company), Mexico

Erika Gilmor, NY

Dance/Tharin, NY

Spark Movement Collective, NJ

Guidong Zhou, NY

Dancing Wheels Company, Ohio



General ticket : $15 

A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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CrossMove Lab

Inner Senses

Company Bio 

54_Amos Pinhasi photo by Darial

Amos Pinhasi


Amos Pinhasi was born in Israel and he performed and choreographed for Tamar Jerusalem Dance Company. he graduated from The Levinsky Collage of Music in Tel Aviv Israel.  he performed and choreographed for Tamar Jerusalem Dance Company.

In New York, he has presented his own works since 1985 and numerous pieces have been produced by DTW, DIA, Joyce Soho, Dancenow, The 40Up Project, Danspace Project, White Wave, Cool New York, and WestFest among others. He has toured his solo work in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Israel.

He is teaching dance improvisation and Yoga internationally.

© Darial Sneed



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#29_TheCo (Tec Dance Company) photo by B
#29_TheCo (Tec Dance Company) photo by B

TheCo ( The Dance Company )


Inspired by Romeo & Juliet's feuding families, 3230 reflects how we as a society sometimes have

difficulty coming to terms with our differences and how that can prevent us from living peacefully with each other. Inspired by a classic story of rivalry, it definitely resonates with current issues, actual

turbulent times, chaos and societal division. The literal title of this work, 3230 represents how the story starts with 32 individuals and ends with 30, with the deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio, but beyond that it shows us how violence and societal clash has hurt us all as a community.

Tec Dance Company, aka TheCo, is renowned university Tec de Monterrey’s dance company. TheCo is a high performance dance program that trains dancers in different genres

 © Berenice Jaramillo

#77_DanceTharin photo by Liz Schneider-C
#77_DanceTharin photo by Liz Schneider-C


Of You From Here

Pre-pandemic, 2019-20, Catherine Tharin's dances were performed in Korea and Mexico, and at WET, among other NYC venues. This dance, Of You From Here, was choreographed on Esme Boyce, now pregnant, and Jenny Levy, who will be attending graduate school. Catherine’s new dance, The Bells of St Genevieve, among other new dances, will be seen in July, at Arts on Site. Catherine is writing monthly on dance for the online publication Side of Culture, will review for The Dance Enthusiast, and is a member of The Bessies Selection Committee. She was the Dance and Performance Curator at 92Y for 15 years. Catherine danced enthusiastically in the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, (she teaches Hawkins technique) and looks forward to her next dance chapter.

 © Schneider-Cohen

2021 Virtual DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL_0407.j
#60_Dancing Wheels Company photo by Danc

Erika Gilmore

Everybody Lost Somebody 

The inevitability of losing one's we love in life is unbearable to imagine, let alone to go through. An experience, however, that at it’s core is a truly unifying one. 'Everybody Lost Somebody' is a story of that loss and how to figure out how to 'find your way back  home' in a world that has changed forever. Choreographer Erika Gilmore, explores the idea of acceptance and learning how to live again after loss through movement with the dancers of the Steps on Broadway Conservatory.

Photo by ©Allison Mersereau

#78_Spark Movement Collective Photo by ©
#78_Spark Movement Collective Photo by ©

Spark Movement Collective

The Separation

Since its inception in 2009, Spark Movement Collective has flourished into a force on the independent and contemporary dance scene with Artistic Director and Founder Chelsea Koenig at the helm. Spark's mission is to create an accessible dance experience for audience members, dancers, and choreographers alike. In April 2020, Spark brought on Michelle Thompson Ulerich as their new Artistic Director.

Spark captures the discrete elements of dance to deliver performances composed of athletic yet fluid choreography and a brand of signature honesty intrinsic in the execution of pieces.  This approach is bound together with a narrative that results in fresh, innovative, and meaningful pieces that uniquely connect with both audience members and the community at large. Michelle quickly pivoted Spark’s stage performances that typically occur at The Actors Fund in Brooklyn to a series of films with a large array of collaborators. The piece for Dumbo Dance Festival is 1 of 9 films created in Fall 2020. This piece, called “The Separation”, was part of the larger work that explored events in life that shift us. 

© Celena Sinko


Guidong Zhou

The Stranger 

Zhou Guidong is a national and international reputed young Chinese dancer/ choreographer. He is very popular among American and Chinese dance companies in America. Zhou Guidong won Senior Solo Creation Part--Gold Prize of Choreography Awards at the 2nd World Choreography Competition hosted by the organizing committee of the International Choreography festival on July 13, 2017. His award winning dance solo “Formless” was truly inspiriting all judges and other dancers at the festival. He was appointed as a judge for Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition—Boston Regional Competition. Furthermore he was appointed as art director, show organizer and choreographer/dancer for many important artistic performance and dance and music festivals in China and in America.

 © Steinway Wu

#70_SEOP DANCE COMPANY photo by Ha Jiyeo
#70_SEOP DANCE COMPANY photo by Ha Jiyeo


Black Salpuri 

SEOP Dance Company was founded in 1992 by choreographer Kim, Yongchul and is rooted in traditional Korean dance and cultural consciousness. The company performs works characterized by lyricism and refinement and aims to bring dance aesthetics to a new level through dynamic individuality and innovation. The company's long- term broader goal is to be open to other Asian dance cultures and harmonize with them. The diversity and distinction of SEOP Dance Company led them to perform on the stages of various international cities, including at the Beijing Asia Art Festival in 1998, also Beijing international Dance Festival and in Shanghai, Guangdong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Germany and New York in order to help familiarize international audiences with Korean dance.

Photo by ©Allison Mersereau

#60_Dancing Wheels Company photo by Scot
#60_Dancing Wheels Company photo by Danc

Dancing Wheels Company

Pallas Athena

If dance is an expression of the human spirit, then it is best expressed by people of all abilities. That is the fundamental belief behind the Dancing Wheels Company. Considered one of the premier arts and disabilities organizations in the U.S., Dancing Wheels is a professional, physically integrated dance company uniting the talents of dancers both with and without disabilities. Mary Verdi-Fletcher, the first professional wheelchair dancer in the U.S., founded the Dancing Wheels Company in Cleveland in 1980. Born with spina bifida, Mary wanted to offer others with disabilities full and equal access into the world of dance. With a message of inclusion and accessibility, the Company continually expands the reach of artistic possibilities while celebrating the universal spirit of dance.

 © Scott Shaw


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