Program 6

Saturday, June 12 @ 8pm

Performances by:

Dance Theatre Of New Jersey, NJ

Company | E, DC

Forza Dance Company, NY

Inclined Dance Project, NY

Meta Dance Project/Sungok Choi, S. Korea

Stephanie Avila, NY

SEOP DANCE COMPANY/Yongchul Kim, S. Korea

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, NY



  General ticket : $15 

A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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#13_Dance Theatre Of New Jersey photo by
#13_Dance Theatre Of New Jersey photo by

Dance Theatre Of New Jersey 


Dance Theatre Of New Jersey is a student based company made up of concert and competitive dancers looking to take dance further into their future.  Director Jaimie Bernstein and Choreographer Tiffany Spataro Started this company ten years ago to follow their passion of dance.  Reaching the community it has grown into what it is today.  The piece that will be seen was created in 2020.

"Cringe" To feel disgust or embarrassment and often to show this feeling by movement of your face or body.  The main character in this piece fell into the darkness of addiction and depression.  Rather then being embraced by family friends and church she was she was ignored and turned away from.  Embarrassed to associate with her in fear it would reflect badly on there public perception.  All making the main character spiral further away.  The line "do I make you Cringe?" Is this character challenging these "perfect" people who choose to ignore her for their own benefit. 

 © Kyle Dubiel

93_Company_E photo by.jpg
93_Company_E photo by 1.JPG

Company | E

"I Can See You. Can You Hear Me?"

New York City native Paul Gordon Emerson has co-founded and directed two of Washington, DC’s signature dance troupes over the past 20 years. Company | E has been hailed as “deserving of its reputation as one of America’s finest (Ha’aretz newspaper, Israel). The Repertory Troupe, which has staged work by Paul Taylor, Ohad Narharin, Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, Kate Weare and a suite of national and international emerging choreographers. Company | E is a regular partner of the U.S. Department of State, focusing its international work in Cultural Diplomacy in countries with difficult or, often, almost no relationship with the United States.



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#68_Forza Dance Company photo by Michael
#68_Forza Dance Company photo by Michael

Forza Dance Company


Michaella Barron started the new NYC project based company, Forza Dance Company (FDC) in 2020. FDC is a group of powerful female friends devoted to exploring the human condition through dance. Together we push our physical and emotional limits, while creating an honest, communicative, and hopeful environment in order to relay genuine stories and situations through the medium of movement. “Outside In” is a dance film about the struggle with maintaining stability throughout the distressing Covid-19 pandemic, election, and social issues/pressures that have engulfed this past year and continue. The protagonist lives day by day trying to let joy in, until reminders of reality get in the way and destroy her spirits. After exhausting herself, she looks internally to resolve her conflicts and finds peace amongst the chaos.

© Michaella Barron

#45_Meta-Sungok Choi photo by 3.jpg
#45_Meta-Sungok Choi photo by .jpg

Meta Dance Project/Sungok Choi


Art Director Choi Sung-Ok received Best Work of Dance Award and Best Acting Award in the National Dance Festival in 1999. She is currently professor of dance at Chungnam National University in Daejeon and artistic director of the 21st Century Contemporary Dance Research and the Meta Dance project. The Copanas Award (2008), Dance Split Award (2011), Best Dance Art Award (2014), and Choreography Award (2015), and was recognized for his ability as a choreographer.

© Sang Hoon Ok

#76_Inclined Dance Project photo by Andr
#76_Inclined Dance Project photo by Andr

Inclined Dance Project

Distance Halved

Inclined Dance Project, led by Artistic Director Kristen Klein, is a female identifying Brooklyn based contemporary dance company that presents visually intricate landscapes propelled by human experiences. Founded in 2009, this collaborative company aims to challenge the conventional roles of female dancers by creating works that defy gender and stereotypical responsibilities. The company has performed throughout New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, and in Japan. Inclined’s newest dance film, Distance Halved, examines the physical, social, and emotional distance between two individuals. Filmed on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, the film is a response to the performer’s self-reflections on the past year’s pandemic lockdown.

 © Andrew Mauney

#63_Stephanie Avila photo by Alice Merse
#63_Stephanie Avila photo by Alice Merse

"You'll Get By"

Stephanie Avila is a 21 year-old college student, dancer, and aspiring choreographer from Rexford, New York. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a Minor in Communication at the University at Buffalo. Since the age of 3, Stephanie has trained in a variety of styles and genres of dance. Collegiate training and education led her to discover her strong passion for choreography. Her piece that will be presented in the 2021 Virtual DUMBO Dance Festival, titled “You’ll Get By,” started as her final project in a choreography course she took this past fall. The piece tells the story of a struggling performer, who realizes that in order to find true happiness they must first accept themselves for who they are.

Stephanie Avila

© Alice Mersereau

#70_SEOP DANCE COMPANY photo by Ha Jiyeo
#70_SEOP DANCE COMPANY photo by Ha Jiyeo


Black Salpuri 

SEOP Dance Company was founded in 1992 by choreographer Kim, Yongchul and is rooted in traditional Korean dance and cultural consciousness. The company performs works characterized by lyricism and refinement and aims to bring dance aesthetics to a new level through dynamic individuality and innovation. The company's long- term broader goal is to be open to other Asian dance cultures and harmonize with them. The diversity and distinction of SEOP Dance Company led them to perform on the stages of various international cities, including at the Beijing Asia Art Festival in 1998, also Beijing international Dance Festival and in Shanghai, Guangdong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Germany and New York in order to help familiarize international audiences with Korean dance.

© Ha Jiyeong

Andy, Katie & Jojo (cropped).jpg
Andy, Katie & Jojo (2).jpg

WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company

iyouuswe II (excerpts)

Founded by Korean-born Young Soon Kim in 1988, the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company is dedicated to inspiring audiences through multi-dimensional dance productions reflecting themes and philosophies both modern and timeless. We constantly strive to be a potent stimulus for progress and evolution within the dance/arts world. By producing dance concerts, festivals, and educational activities, WHITE WAVE Dance provides both nascent and seasoned choreographers/companies with an encouraging environment where they can create, collaborate, and present new works in the undisputed capital of world dance, New York City.

 © Joon Park


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


Tel: 718-855-8822

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