Program 4

Saturday, June 12 @ 4pm

Performances by:

Elizabeth Shea Dance, IN

Soluq Dance Theater, NY


Meta dance project/Jeong A Hong, S. Korea

Alex Mitchell Choreography, NY

shawnbibledanceco., NY

Meg Kirchhoff, NY

Theatre Mucheon/Ara Kim, S. Korea



General ticket : $15



A private Vimeo link will be forwarded to you 1/2 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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#39_Elizabeth Shea Dance photo by Freddi

Elizabeth Shea Dance

Ascension (excerpt)

Elizabeth Shea Dance is a chamber ensemble who seek new ways to tell human stories.

The company has performed across the US and abroad, most recently at the X Theatre in Adelaide, Australia, and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  A recent film project, Breath|Light|Stone, has been screened as an official selection at international festivals across the globe, and won several awards, including Best Dance Film, Best Choreography for the Lens, and Best Ensemble. The company premiered Ascension in 2020, a site-specific work performed at the Eskenazi Museum of Art designed by I.M. Pei. The work was seen by over 1,000 people and was reviewed as “an incredible awakening that brings us into the embrace of Mr. Pei, whose spirit very much floats throughout the structure.”

 © Freddie Kelvin

#38_Soluq Dance Theater photo by Rebecca
#38_Soluq Dance Theater photo by Rebecca

Soluq Dance Theatre

Bent Clock

Soluq Dance is a contemporary dance company offering a physical meeting place for audiences, artists, and performance space to merge. Soluq creates highly physical, nuanced work thick with rigor and effort, an experience rich with the shared sensation of rushing pulse and quick breath, a state embodied by the term "Soluq"- the breath that follows effort.  

Reviews - “a fabulous show. The lighting, the camera work, the movement, the way you moved space between the dancers and the dancers themselves... each aspect, incredible! BRAVO!” Dante Puleio

© Rebecca Oviatt



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#64_So Young Park photo by David Gonsier
#64_SO YOUNG PARK photo by Yi-Chun Wu 2.

So Young Park 

The word-light 

So Young Park earned her B.F.A in Dance from SUNY-Purchase College: Conservatory of Dance. She has performed in works by Natalie Desch, Lane Gifford, Ori Flomin, Cynthia Fuller-King, and José Limón’s Missa Brevis and Aranxta Sargardoy’s work at the Teatro Principal in Burgos, Spain. She also trained at CPYB and at PTDC, MMDG, DougVaroneandDancers, and MYB where she received a scholarship. She holds M.F.A. in Dance at NYU- Tisch School of the Arts with the help of TSOA-scholarships. She has presented and danced in KoDaFe, Dumbo Dance Festival 2017, NYC Dance and Music Spring Festival, Sans Limites Movement, the AstorAlive Festival, and at ICA Awards Gala at Rose Theater-Jazz at Lincoln Center. She is excited to present her work in 2021 Virtual Dumbo Dance Festival.

 © David Gonsier

#79_Alex Mitchell Choreography photo by

Alex Mitchell Choreography 

Heart Like Yours 

Alex Mitchell is a dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist based in New York City. Alex received her BFA in Dance Studies from Long Island University, where she learned the importance of her choreographic voice. An Alumni of the Young Choreographer’s Festival, she has presented work around New York at industry events such as Sybarite Love is Love, BrickHouse NYC Open House, Broadway Dance Center Pro Sem Showcase, WAX Works and many more. ‘Heart Like Yours’ is a duet that explores the dynamics of a relationship that lacks communication-a conversation without conclusion. The audience is left to decide what the future holds for the pair. Danced by Jamie Kleinschnitz and Chris Critelli, Videography by Pierre Marais 

© Pierre Marais

#55_Meta Dance Project_Jeong A, Hong pho
#55_Meta Dance Project_Jeong A, Hong pho

Meta Dance Project/Jeong A Hong


Choreographer Hong Jung-ah is currently a member of the Meta Dance Project. He was recognized for his dancing skills by performing as a main dancer for Beethoven, Kaal, and Karmina Burana.

 © Sang Hoon Oksereau

#44_shawnbibledanceco. photo by Stephen


shawnbibledanceco. is a contemporary dance company focused on creating visceral dance experiences.  Artistic director, Shawn T Bible, attempts to provoke the audience through physicality, emotion, abstraction, historical narratives, and power.

Recent performances include “Sansoleil” and “Incubus” at the International Choreographic Festival of Blois, France.  We continued with performances of “Fossil,” at New York Live Arts and Involuntary at City Center in New York City.  “VOID” was also featured as an animation in the Dance On Camera Festival’s #MYDANCEFILM program.

shawnbibledanceco has also performed in numerous venues around the world such as: Oaxaca Dance Festival, Lourdes Dance Festival in France, Shen Wei Arts Center, Dixon Place, Ailey Citigroup Theatre, Manhattan Movement Arts Center, Dumbo Dance Festival, Triskelion, The Tank and many others. “Ash,” features dancer Ashley Menestrina in a contorted introspection into her psyche.


 © Stephen Delas

#56_Meg Kirchhoff photo by Meg Kirchhoff
#56_Meg Kirchhoff photo by Meg Kirchhoff


Meg Kirchhoff is dance educator and choreographer currently pursuing her MFA at the University at Buffalo. She is invested in somatic movement practices and collaboration as a mode for creation. Her film “Again” was rehearsed and filmed over zoom with four undergraduate dancers in the Fall of 2020. “Again” explores the felt senses of isolation and connection unique to this pandemic era.

Meg Kirchhoff

 © Meg Kirchhoff

#43_Theatre Mucheon photo by Jongjin Lim
#43_Theatre Mucheon photo by Jongjin Lim

A time when we didn't know each other 

Theatre Mucheon was stablished on 15. May.1992 in Seoul by a director, Kim ara.

Within 25 years of theatre history, Mucheon produced and performed more than 50 major plays, and received invitations from 5 European countries and Japan, China as well.

Director Kim experimented and established multi-formed music theatre of her own through these years of works. Since 1997, director Kim ara founded an outdoor theater in Juksan,

produced <Oedipus Triology> and<4 major tragedy of Shaekspere> and it became one of the most memorial action in theatre history of our nations. The final goal of Theatre Muchon is to create from an authentic Korean theatre to entirely new stage of its own. Theatre Muchon believe that it is the obligation of the dramatist of today to watch our era, and offers the various way of life and thought.With that recognition,Theatre Muchon will do its best to complete an aesthetics of stage, alive and universal art of today.

Theatre Mucheon / Ara Kim

 © Jongjin Lim


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

Brooklyn, NY 11233


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