Program 5

Saturday, June 12 @ 6pm

Performances by:

TalCual Dance Projects, NY

Sean Howe Dance, OH

Marlene Skog Dance, WI

Meta Dance Project/Youngeun Kwak, S. Korea

New Breed Dance, CO

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, NY


Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre, NY


General ticket : $15 


A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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TalCual Dance Projects

Formaly Intangible 

TalCual is a project based company originated by the collaborations of Katie Garcia and Joan Rodriguez, two NYC based Latin artists. They met in 2018, while working for Parsons Dance. Katie is a BFA graduate of The Juilliard School and Joan is a MA graduate from La Escuela Nacional de Arte. During their time at Parsons, they simultaneously choreographed their own work and taught collaborative master classes at Yale, NYU, The Juilliard School, Akron University, and Laguna Dance Festival. In 2020, they presented their self produced dance film with original music, at the Blacktinx Dance Festival. Joan was a recipient of the GenerationNow Fellowship Grant for his new creation for Parsons Dance. Katie and Joan have worked with incredible artists such as Trey McIntyre, Mathew Neenan, Ronald K Brown, and Loni Landon. They have organized interdisciplinary installations in art galleries in NYC, collaborating with visual artists. Aside from performing, their passion is teaching outreach classes to children with special needs. Katie orchestrated a project in Gabarone, Botswana teaching movement therapy classes to children. Throughout COVID-19, they created online classes for schools throughout NYC. They hope to continue creating their own work, while also staying engaged with their community.

© Mitchel Gray 

#47_Sean Howe Dance photo by Sean Howe (
#47_Sean Howe Dance photo by Sean Howe (

Sean Howe Dance


Sean Howe has been choreographing since 2011 and during his time at The Juilliard School, he had many works featured in the Choreographic Honors concert throughout multiple years. Upon graduation in 2017, he was awarded the Hector Zaraspe prize for choreography. In 2018, Sean had two works showcased in White Wave’s SoloDuo Festival, ‘Beloved’ and ‘Something Like Saying’ (in collaboration with Angela Falk). In 2018 Sean joined Batsheva - The Young Ensemble and the Company in 2020, where he has choreographed several works for their Dancers Create program. MANIFESTUR was made in 2020 with the goal of bringing heavy film editing into movement (due to pandemic restrictions). The work is about how one can use their power of imagination and action to bring their dreams to fruition, and be anything.

© Sean Howe



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#49_Marlene Skog Dance photo by Maureen
#49_Marlene Skog Dance photo by Maureen

Marlene Skog Dance


Marlene Skog Dance is a contemporary ballet company that produces innovative investigative work that is athletic, compelling, and connects to the energy and pulse of current times. Marlene Skog’s award winning choreography is recognized for its emotional range, brilliant technique, and intentional fluidity between classical ballet and contemporary dance. Her work unpacks the enduring question of what it means to be human and is purposeful in its strong synthesis of movement, music and message. Skog is an Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. EXIT is a compelling quartet that builds around two sets of partners whose emotions intersect confinement, a need to connect and wanting to let go. 

 © Maureen Janson Heintz

#40_New Breed Dance photo by ..........L
#40_New Breed Dance photo by Laura Rose

You're Fried: A Farewell to 45

Established in 2011, New Breed Dance Company features the diverse talents and creative collaboration of local Colorado dancers. Steeped in style, sensuality, and musicality, New Breed strives to create innovative choreography that is both wildly entertaining and maintains strong artistic integrity. In our newest creation, we celebrate the absurdity of Donald Trump, and our collective obsession with his persona. With humor, wit, and pizazz this film takes you into the mind of Donald Trump, where he is mesmerized, seduced, and ensnared by his own ego. You won't be able to look away from this spectacle!

New Breed Dance

© Laura Rose Photography

#54_Meta-Youngeun Kwak photo by 3.JPG
#54_Meta-Youngeun Kwak photo by .jpg

Meta Dance Project/ Youngeun Kwak 

off station 

Choreographer Kwak Young-eun won the Presidential Award for his work <Off Station II> at the 29th National Dance Festival in 2020 and is currently acting as the representative of the Meta Dance Project. She was selected as 'Critics Choice', a young choreographer selected by the 17th critic in 2014, and released <Exquisite Corpse>, and won the 'Best Dancer Award' hosted by the Dance Culture Forum for her work <People With Heads Bowed> in 2015. I did. It was invited to the 2017 Detroit Dance City Festival in the US and the Michoacán Festival in Mexico.

 © Sang Hoon Ok

#57_Valerie Green_Dance Entropy photo by

Time Capsule: A Physical Documentary

Valerie Green has been an active dancer, choreographer, and teacher in the NYC dance community since 1995. She founded Dance Entropy in 1998.  Green has created 39 dances including 10 evening-length works, her choreography has been presented extensively throughout NYC. Internationally, Green has toured to Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Cuba.  “Time Capsule – A Physical Documentary” is a dance film, directed and choreographed by Green, eight solos physically trace emotional experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, against a backdrop of NYC landscapes. "Time Capsule” is a testament to the faith we have in our City, its vast infrastructure, the delicate spirits that inhabit it, and the tender terrains we all hold within. 

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy

 © Alex Lopez

#27_BIODANCE photo by Missy Pfohl Smith
#27_BIODANCE photo by Missy Pfohl Smith.


BIODANCE ( is a contemporary dance company committed to artistic excellence in the creation and performance of socially conscious performance, choreography, and dance education for a wide audience. Under the artistic direction of Missy Pfohl Smith, BIODANCE is one of the most respected Rochester dance companies, performing original dance works and multi-disciplinary collaborations with a variety of internationally acclaimed artists including W. Michelle Harris (media artist) and Lauren K Alleyne (Poet). BIODANCE often creates site-specific work in community locations such as planetariums, parks and art museums. When BIODANCE premiered Anomaly at the Strasenburgh Planetarium, CITY News claimed, "It was so lovely to behold that I found myself dreading its inevitable conclusion." BIODANCE is dedicated to the proliferation of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the arts.


© Missy Pfohl Smith

#59_Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre photo by
#59_Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre photo by

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre

Refuge (excerpt)

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre creates original and dynamic dance theatre that magnifies humanity through dance. Through an interplay between athletic and pedestrian motion, Selwyn’s choreography activates emotional expression in a rich and abstract collage. Presenting dance in an immediate, mature, and inclusive way, we engage audiences from start to finish and beckon a response of thought, feeling, and soul. Founded in 2000, Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre has presented over 85 productions at venues including New York Live Arts, Mark Morris Dance Center, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, The Kumble Theater, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Danspace Project, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, John Jay College, and Dance New Amsterdam.

© Maria Baranova 


150 Mac Dougal St. 1Fl 

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