Program 3

Saturday, June 12 @ 2pm

Performances by:

Alessandra Corona Performing Works, NY

Dual Rivet, NY

Obremski/Works, NY

Autumn Eckman, AZ

L Squared Dance Theatre, CA

Kit Modus, GA

Anthony Alterio, NY

TheCo (Tec Dance Company), Mexico


                                                                                   General ticket : $15


A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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#28_resized 2_Alessandra Corona Performi
#28_resized 4_Alessandra Corona Performi

Alessandra Corona Performing Works

Breaking through the Generational Curse

Alessandra Corona Performing Works is a repertory dance company. It was founded in New York City in 2012 by Artistic Director Alessandra Corona. The goal is to make choreography that engages the senses and emotions on different levels through the integration of dance, music, theater and visual media. Ms. Corona has assembled remarkable and diverse artists to explore an innovative approach to modern dance. Together they create exciting works with a unique aesthetic which are shared through performances, masterclasses and festivals around the world. "Breaking through the Generational curse" explores family dynamics, it shows a family evolving through a long journey together discovering new relationships between each other and with themselves. It explores the struggle with breaking bad cycles that pass down from generation to generation.

© Natalia Bougadellis

#36_resized_Dual Rivet photo by - jess c
#36_resized 2_Dual Rivet photo by - jess

Dual Rivet


Dual Rivet is a women-led dance company focused on creating and sharing highly physical contemporary dance to a wide audience. Based in NYC, Dual Rivet creates work for stage and film that exchanges a cinematic and visceral language to influence both platforms. Led by Jessica Smith and Chelsea Ainsworth, Dual Rivet aims to share what it means to be female leaders in the arts.

Rabbithole examines humanity’s relationship to technology in a time when, for many, it has become our only hope at connection. After a year of touch starvation, Dual Rivet studies how individual stability depends on having a support system that cannot be solely virtual. They reflect with audiences on life in quarantine and to identify and honor our available support systems.

© Yu Chun Wu



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#18_Obremski_Works photo by BYU Contempo
Obremski_Works photo by BYU Contemporary



Through new creations, artists are invited to dive into Obremski/Works's.worlds and atmospheres of positive forward-thinking to enhance lives. Obremski/Works also explores the collaboration between film in movement through the creation of dance films. These dance films allow the creative process to add another layer to it’s development with cinematographic conversations and emphasis on universal viewpoints.

Notably in 2019, Obremski/Works’s premiere dance film, "No Words", was presented by HBO at Lincoln Center through The Dance Films Association’s Festival (NY), Arts on Site (NY), Queens DANCE SHORTS (NY), Humanitarian Film’s Day (Hungary), and HiArtist (NY).

Obremski/Works’s repertory consists of new creations commissioned by Obremski/Works as well as works created by Founder and Director Jesse Obremski.

 ©  BYU Contemporary Dance Theater

#22_Autumn Eckman photo by Andre Yew 2.j
#22_Autumn Eckman photo by Andre Yew.jpg

Autumn Eckman


Autumn Eckman Dance explores how dance captures aspects of life's reflective nature represented by movement, design, and transformation. Each work is driven by collaborative endeavors that enrich the processes of choreography through interdisciplinary arts-exchanges within diverse communities. ‘Bound-Less” is the result of investigating how dance is placed into digital mediums; particularly how it might, as a communal art form, translate across boundaries of physical, mental and emotional distancing.

 © Andre Yew 

#32_L Squared Dance Theatre photo by Lis
#32_L Squared Dance Theatre photo by Lis

L Squared Dance Theatre

Liminal Breath

L2 Dance Theatre Artistic Director, Lisa D. Long is a choreographer, dancer, and educator. Dancing for Dallas Black Dance Theatre, she created roles in works by Donald Byrd, Kevin Iega Jeff, George Faison, and Chuck Davis and for nine years was a principal dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope.

The company has performed at: Chartres Cathedral, FR, DUMBO and Solo Duo Dance Festivals, NYC, Jacksonville Dance Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and at and Highways Performance Space, LA. Liminal Breath explores the thin veil joining this world and what lies beyond. This permeable bridge connects the departed and those who remain, allowing breath, and energy to flow freely between the two. Letting go is often our most loving act. Webpage:

 © Lisa D. Long

#33_Kit Modus photo by Daley Kappenman 1
#33_Kit Modus photo by Daley Kappenman.j

Kit Modus

Ditto (excerpt)

Kit Modus was founded in Atlanta in 2017 by Jillian Mitchell. The company is committed to transporting audiences into a world of innovative movement by developing and presenting an expansive repertoire of original contemporary dance works by outstanding choreographers. Their growing guest artist roster includes Mark Caserta, Autumn Eckman, and Noelle Kayser. This year they launched a virtual residency and welcomed new works by Jordon James Bridge, Alexander Espinoza, Rubén Julliard, and more. To enrich the city and expand its artists' perspectives, they also present educational opportunities by hosting workshops such as Countertechnique and The Cambrians. Their work has been presented at Women in Dance, Georgia State University, and the University of Georgia. Ditto explores reflected and refracted reality and finding beauty amidst dystopia.

 © Daley Kappenman

#34_Anthony Alterio photo by Anthony Alt
#34_Anthony Alterio photo by Anthony Alt

Untitled, No. 27

Anthony Alterio is currently on faculty in the Theatre & Dance Department as Assistant Professor of Dance at State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia. He began his professional dance training at The University of Colorado-Boulder, where he received a BA double-majoring in Dance and Psychology and went on to attain an MFA in Dance from the University of Michigan. Untitled, No. 27 is a work that relies on camera editing, music, and lights that all come together to then abstract and warp movement for the audiences' viewing pleasure. The piece was solely created to give viewers something to enjoy and something to dance along with. The concept and choreography were specifically thought out with the camera's gaze in mind.

Anthony Alterio 

© Anthony Alterio

#29_TheCo (Tec Dance Company) photo by B
#29_TheCo (Tec Dance Company) photo by B

TheCo ( Tec Dance Company ) 


Inspired by Romeo & Juliet's feuding families, 3230 reflects how we as a society sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with our differences and how that can prevent us from living peacefully with each other. Inspired by a classic story of rivalry, it definitely resonates with current issues, actual turbulent times, chaos and societal division. The literal title of this work, 3230 represents how the story starts with 32 individuals and ends with 30, with the deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio, but beyond that it shows us how violence and societal clash has hurt us all as a community.

Tec Dance Company, aka TheCo, is renowned university Tec de Monterrey’s dance company. TheCo is a high performance dance program that trains dancers in different genres

 © Berenice Jaramillo


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