Program 2

Friday, June 11 @ 9pm

Performances by:

Alison Cook Beatty Dance, NY


Won KIM, S. Korea

Sam Lobel, NY

East by North Dance Theatre, NY

sk|dancers, IN

collective A/Jinyeob Cha, S. Korea

Obremski/Works, NY

   General ticket : $15


A private Live Stream video link will be forwarded to you 1 hour before the start time, and you will have 5 hours to watch the full performance at your own leisure.

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#15_Alison Cook Beatty Dance photo by Al
#15_Alison Cook Beatty Dance photo by Al

Alison Cook Beatty Dance 


Alison Cook-Beatty received her BFA from the Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee, receiving the Ruth Sandholm Ambrose Scholarship Award with high honors. She moved to NYC and danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Taylor 2. In 2012, Ms. Cook-Beatty founded ALISON COOK BEATTY DANCE, a classically-based modern dance company whose mission is to make dance accessible and emotionally engaging for all. She has been commissioned by companies such as Ballet Next, Carolina Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet School, and others. In September 2020, the 501c3 nonprofit organization was honored and awarded a grant from Dance/NYC’s Coronavirus Dance Relief Fund and later that year was supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

 © Alison Cook-Beatty and Michael Feigenbaum




Over the past 10 years, the Feledi Project, under the artistic direction of János Feledi, has become an ensemble with the most versatile repertoire, artists of high quality in the Hungarian dance scene. 

He used to believe and still believes that with persistent work, the Feledi Project can grow into a defining company in the dance life. In addition to uniquely combining the basics of classical ballet with elements of modern dance, there was a fundamental desire to bring a new color to the world of dance art with its mature, individual style and way of expression in its creative form. 

The main goal of the Feledi Project is to preserve the Hungarian artistic cultural values ​​and traditions, and to strengthen the high-quality artistic creative work.To date, more than 20 works have been created. Over the past 10 years the Feledi Project performed in 3 continents (USA, Africa, Europe)

© Courtesy Photo



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#31_Won Kim photo by Jubin KIM 2.JPG
#31_Won Kim photo by Jubin KIM (1).JPG

Won Kim

Being Involved 2015- a mere coincidence

Won Kim studied dance at Ewha Womans University in Korea, and was an exchange professor at several institutions such as Tisch School of the Arts at NYC(U.S.A), the University Paris VIII(France) and Kinki University(Japan). She also lectured in NYC, Osaka, Kyoto, Shanghai, Singapore, Paris and performed at various national and international festivals. She focuses on finding movements beyond formalized and predetermined choreography, searching for essence of “free and pure” movements of human body. She tries to develop this of idea on her experimental performances with collaboration many kind of genre of arts. Currently, she is a Member of TanztheatreOnes and a Board Member of Contemporary Dance Association of Korea.

 © Jubin Kim

#80_Sam Lobel photo by Jacob Hiss (3).jp
#80_Sam Lobel photo by Jacob Hiss (1).jp

Sam Lobel

You'll Never Be

Sam Lobel is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She has presented her work at the Young Choreographer’s Festival, Uptown Rising, On 1 Condition, NYC Choreographer’s Forum, NACHMO, APEX, Sybarite Love is Love, Think Tank the Showcase, and more. She is the choreographer for this year's production for Tisch New Theater. Sam is currently a teaching artist at Luna Performing Arts. 

Her piece, titled “You’ll Never Be”, is about dealing with the personal challenges that we have all faced in 2020. In a reality that was altered so quickly, we had to modify almost all aspects of our lives. The piece explores how we compare ourselves to others while we are all just trying to get through difficult times.

 © Jacob Hiss

#21_East by North Dance Theatre photo by
#21_East by North Dance Theatre photo by

East by North Dance Theatre

As One. As Too. As 3.

East by North Dance Theatre – Born out of a love for pure movement, East by North Dance Theatre was created from the idea that simple or compounding thought can be expressed through vivid movement. Founded and directed by Sarah Nachbauer and Jon Eden, East by North represents the unrestricted and improvisational spirit that is symbolizing a new wave of modern theatrical dance. The company has performed their work on stage at Jennifer Muller/The Works, Triskelion Arts, Bridge for Dance, T2 Versatility Dance Festival Co, and Amelia Island Dance Festival. Their work has also been shown virtually at The Vienna Craft Choreography Virtual Dance Festival, The Virtual Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, ScreenDanceMiami Festival, and AIDF Virtual Dance Festival.

 © Andrew Rasmussen

2021 Virtual DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL_0407.j
2021 Virtual DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL_0407.j

A Histrory of Loving: Part II

Susan Koper cultivates her craft and artistry through her work in many different areas of dance. She currently performs as a solo artist and shares her work in regional, national, and international festivals including Mexico, Ireland, New York, Chicago, and Michigan.  Susan received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ADF and currently mentors and guides young artists as a Professor of Dance at Ball State University. Her latest work, A History of Loving: Part II, investigates histories of loving imprinted within the body.  Expressed through the words of poet Pablo Neruda and the movement vocabulary performed by the dancer, the work takes audience members on a quiet, intimate journey that is reflective of our current time.  She shares the space alone and reflects on past personal journeys of love in a moment where no one is watching while at the same time everyone is watching.


Photo by ©Allison Mersereau

#46_collective A photo by collective A (
#46_collective A photo by collective A (

Body-Go-Round : round 1

collective A, an creative art group founded by Jinyeob Cha, choreographer and artistic director, focusing on going beyond the existing forms of performances, breaking barriers of limited space, genre and format by expanding its exploration of various artistic disciplines. Ultimately, collective A aims to challenge the meaning of interdisciplinary arts and its limitations, breaking the barriers of artistic dichotomies.

“Body-Go-Round” is a mixed reality (MR) performance where real existence and virtual existence that came out of the real one get blended together and interact with each other.

The piece created with haihm (electronic musician), Lee Byungyeob (architect) and Yunan Sam (creative technologist) to explore the art of today where technology has enabled limitless expressions, and experiment to find and expand new possibility.

Collective A / Jinyeob Cha

 © collective A

#18_Obremski_Works photo by BYU Contempo



Through new creations, artists are invited to dive into Obremski/Works's.worlds and atmospheres of positive forward-thinking to enhance lives. Obremski/Works also explores the collaboration between film in movement through the creation of dance films. These dance films allow the creative process to add another layer to it’s development with cinematographic conversations and emphasis on universal viewpoints.

Notably in 2019, Obremski/Works’s premiere dance film, "No Words", was presented by HBO at Lincoln Center through The Dance Films Association’s Festival (NY), Arts on Site (NY), Queens DANCE SHORTS (NY), Humanitarian Film’s Day (Hungary), and HiArtist (NY).

Obremski/Works’s repertory consists of new creations commissioned by Obremski/Works as well as works created by Founder and Director Jesse Obremski.

© Scott Cook 


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